I woke up during a handjob!

My Night Nurse
I was recovering from an auto accident and was lucky to have just two broken arms. But those left me pretty helpless when it came to feeding myself, going to the bathroom, etc. So, I had a lot of help from the nurses.
I’d never been in the hospital before or dated a nurse, but I had noticed that ninety percent of them were attractive. And as I was to find out, ninety percent of them were also horny.
I had a pretty nurse, Sylvia, on the night shift that would check on me every hour or so. She would give me a drink of water, or scratch my leg, things like that. And sometimes she’d draw blood. I always thanked her because she rarely hurt my arms when she did it.
Then after about a week, I woke up around three in the morning, and Sylvia was giving me a handjob! She’d lathered my cock with some kind of oil and was stroking me nicely.
I guess I looked shocked when I woke up, because she said, “Shh. Go back to sleep or just close your eyes. I know you must need this.”
“How can I go to sleep with you jacking me off?”
“Well, I would say that by the hardness of your stallion, that you are about to shoot off.”
She was right. I felt it coming and my hips thrust up. Sylvia quickly bent over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it until it stopped spurting, then she swallowed everything.
“Damn Sylvia! Where have you been all my life?”
She just smiled and said, “I swallow it so I don’t have to clean up a mess.”
Then she leaned over again and with tight lips, pulled another spurt of cum out of my deflating cock.
“Mmm. You taste good, Bill.”
“When I get out of here, I’m going to take you to dinner, then fuck you all night.”
“Oh. You would go to sleep after I was finished with you.”
“We’ll see.”
– – – – –
Sylva’s blowjobs became a nightly thing. She’d come in around three, close the curtain between me and the guy I shared a room with, and give me a nice, but quick, blowjob. She said that she had other guys to ‘service’ as well.
That deflated my ego just a bit, but I did really love her blowjob. And I was looking forward to getting her into bed.
– – – – –
My Night Nurse 2Then the second shift nurse came in at around ten, unzipped her dress, and let me suck her tits. That happened two nights in a row before she gave me a blowjob…and she was good at it. She could take my nine-inch cock down her throat and let me shoot off and never cough or gag. She’d just milk my cock with her neck muscles until my balls were empty.
“When I get out of here, Jorden, I’m going to fuck your brains out.”
“Oh really! How will you to that?”
“I’ll take a Viagra and pound you into the bed for four hours.”
“That sounds wonderful. I’ll hold you to it.”
– – – – –
Then came the day for my bath, which I obviously needed help with. I thought that I was going to get a sponge bath, but instead, Julie, the adorable blonde nurse on the day shift, took me into the shower. She took off every stitch of my clothes, then undressed herself and got into the shower with me.
“This is much better than trying to wash you with my clothes on…don’t you think?” she said as she pushed her huge breasts in my face.
I sucked one, then the other, and was getting milk! I guess I looked puzzled.
“I have a baby at home, so I’m lactating. Take all you want.”
So, as I sucked Julie’s breasts and drank her milk, she straddled my cock and rode me to a climax.
My Night Nurse 3“Mmm. I love to feel a cock shooting off inside me.”
Then she sucked my cock for a few minutes to get any remaining cum, then washed me head to toe.
“There! You should feel better now,” she said as she started to dry me off with a towel.
“Will I get you the next time I need a bath?”
“You sure will. That’s my job.”
– – – – –
So, after five weeks in the hospital, I was ready to be released. My casts were off and I was about to be rolled out to the curb where my buddy was going to pick me up. I’d had more blowjobs from Sylvia and Jorden than I could remember. And I’d had eight most memorable baths with Julie. They all had agreed to spend one night with me and I was looking forward to that.
I think Sylvia and Jorden were going to be the best in bed. Julie’s large lactating breasts were a pleasant change, but an all-night session with them to suck on was going to be not so pleasant.
Jorden was the best fuck. She couldn’t get enough of my nine-inch cock and rode it almost all night.
Sylvia was a real pleasure. She was horny and hot; she loved sixty-nine and doggie. We spent two weekends together before she told me that her husband was getting suspicious.