My One Night Romp with a 75 year old - Real Story
I read some stories here and they were very interesting only if they were real. That gives me the idea coz i have plenty of real ones from my own experiences which can help readers to feel good. So wanna hear one ? Stop wanking at the picture & continue reading

Well it’s not a big secret that i am Xhamster verified if you didn’t realize, that i have a high sex drive with much will to express it. I have had plenty of partners before even though i am a happily married mom now although i do keep a secret sex hobby but that’s another story. I look like a geek/nerd with spectacles but secretly i have been a total slut

Being a Slut doesn’t mean i sleep with all the guys i meet coz im not a Whore although it could be fun to be one. I do get a turn on when people call me a whore haha but i proudly carry myself as a total slut in secrecy when i travel far away from any known people. It’s tough to be sexually expressive in your own neighborhood. Kills the privacy coz we all have our regular lives to live especially if you are a mom & married.

Me & my husband we have a good understanding with an agreement that we are free to explore our sex adventures safely with different partners if we can without any worries. It’s one of the things that binds us. Sometimes my sex drive is crazy high that in past i have worked at brothels in Amsterdam as a registered Sex worker. Not anymore though lol so don’t get any ideas as that time is way past. Plus there are rules now. Still it qualifies me as a Whore.

Yes i am the Queen of Whores

What’s this got to do with the story title. Well nothing. Just giving an intro and a hard on to the reader. if you don’t have one yet you need to get tested or keep looking at the Picture. So do you have the hard on ? good a good story should be Interactive if not well than let me help you. Look at the Picture

Look at the Slut’s skinny figure with a great flow, Cum like skin, the supple round breasts with large plush nipples, fit abs to run your tongue, a golf hole like Navel where you can think of inserting your dick, arm pits to sniff, great hair to pull & control, panties stretched with inviting Vag teasing you. The kind of slut with a super hot Teen bod would make a great treat for old farts out there. If you are one well you can dream on. If your not you can read on.

Hope by now your are horny & hard. Coz you are looking at my picture in My Story, a Real Story so you should be.

I have attended a lot of parties on invites from friends so i visited a family post wedding party or something with a large gathering. I wanted to look good so i wore a floral blue dress with thin straps and curly hair. Just wanted to see if i can date some guys there although was never looking for anything extra. Surprise. the post wedding was that of some random 60 year old man to some 50 yo lady so well no people in 20s/30s to flirt with. But the food & drinks were so good and us being young woman there at the party there were obviously much jealous eyes there from plenty of older ladies but we didn’t mind. We just had great fun drinking eating giggling.