Snapchat was booming around college, everyone started using the app to promote events, parties, class info, even Mrs R got onto the action circulating info on her classes and assessments. Jess and I hasn’t stopped sexting yet, ever night it was like live porn.I would send her snap of me playing with my dick and her send would return back with her sucking on a dildo or putting one up her tight pussy. Someone had to open up and say it. Lets fuck but how?, I had to device a plan, without her knowing I knew who she was!

Me on snapchat – “You can’t waste all this cum, every drop needs to be swallowed”

My professor and her daughter - Mrs Robinson is onMy professor and her daughter - Mrs Robinson is on 2

Jess on snap – “I’ve moved on to practicing on a boy from class, he’s not as big as you but does this video make you jealous ?” My professor and her daughter - Mrs Robinson is on 3

Me on snapchat – “You can only suck my dick now,When do we do this ? tonight? Room 1254 at the Hilton, buzz when coming up and pictures on my phone only”

Jess on snap – “I’ll see you there”

I planned to keep the lights off in the room curtains drawn and sexy music playing the background. I left the room door slightly open and lay on the bed playing with my cock. She was on her way up to the 12th floor now, she double locked the door after entering the room. Jess was wearing a mask that covered her face and a coat that cover her sexy lingerie.

“Strip to the music and come and suck my cock”. She took off her coat while she danced to the music, slowly crawling into the bed and holding my cock. “It’s massive, double maybe triple the size of the boy from class. Oh my god” She screams it out while glaring at me.

“Turn around let me eat your pussy while you enjoy that dick.”, She was loving ever minute of it. Gushing she dripped nectar like she was going to cum but she barely got more that the head of my penis in her mouth. I had to not only eat her pussy but slow put her head down making her take more. Suddenly her phone rang Mrs R was calling her. I kept eating her pussy as she answered the phone.

“Ah, Hey mum, I’m at Olivia’s just came over to collect notes, Ah Ah Ah. I’ll be home in 30. Ah.” and she cut. Jumping off the bed she quickly started to dress up.

“You came here to swallow some cum and you’re not leaving without a mouthful. Get on your knees and take the mask off Jess. Do as you’re told and I’ll fill you up next time”

Lets just say she got a mouthful and reached home on time.


The following week, was the last week of uni before college break for winter holidays. Mrs R and I were supposed to continue class as usual but Jess was scheduled to leave for winter holidays with her friends. “I’m glad she’s going on winter break with the other girls, It will be less of a worry. Barely any cellphone access and no internet” Mrs R told me while I was in her study section of her house. “Any progress on finding out what’s happening” I replied.