My Rabbi’s Wife and Daughter
This happened several years ago when I was designing websites on a freelance basis. My Rabbi’s wife had a group of women who toured various countries in Europe to shop for antiques. She wanted a website to advertise her tours and I volunteered to design and host it for free.
Linda is a gorgeous woman with long brown hair, blue eyes, a healthy chest, and a very attractive smile. I’d had a few fantasies about her but managed to keep them suppressed. After all, she was my Rabbi’s wife!
Linda would come to my house every week with updates for her website. I would make the updates and she’d return the following week to tell me how she wanted the updates changed. She was very particular but knew nothing about HTML or website design, so it was frustrating at times trying to deal with her.
But one thing was odd about Linda. She would almost always comment on my hair, saying it looked nice or something. I would always say, “Thank you” and move on. Her husband, my Rabbi, was a good bit older than Linda and was almost bald, so maybe she missed having a guy with nice hair. For whatever reason, her comments were getting to me.
Then one day when Linda looked especially gorgeous, she commented on my hair and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So, I took her hand and she willingly let me run her fingers through it.
“It’s really nice, Bill,” she said almost spellbound.
We were sitting together on my sofa when I reached up and ran my fingers through her soft brown hair. I got an instant hard-on but did not expect what she did next.
Linda leaned over and gave me a French kiss that I still remember to this day. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her down on the sofa and managed to get between her legs. It was August in Florida, so we both were wearing shorts.
We dry-humped for several minutes as my head filled with the possibility of actually fucking Linda. My cock was hard and pressing directly on her crotch, so she felt it and liked it.
Then she whispered, “Bill, this is so wrong.”
I responded, “I want you, Linda. I always have.”
“Okay, but just this one time.”
So, I got up, took Linda by the hand and led her to my king size bed. As we continued to kiss, I pushed her shorts and panties down, then pushed mine down. Then we laid down on the bed and I entered her as she raised her legs around my waist.
“Oh, Bill. You feel so good,” she whispered as she ran her fingers through my hair.
“You are so beautiful, Linda! I want this to last as long as possible.”
“Me too,” she whispered as she began to thrust on my nine-inch cock.
That began a thirty-minute orgy of sex during which Linda had four intense orgasms. I got the impression that she was trying to make the most of our lovemaking. She seemed desperate to cum as many times as she could.
I don’t know how I was able to hold on that long with such a gorgeous woman under me, but I did. I had a handful of her silky hair in one hand and my other hand was under her ass so I could lift it when I pushed into her.
For thirty minutes, Linda moaned and fucked and had one orgasm after the other. She was giving me a lifetime of memories and fantasies that would fill my head every night, and especially when I sat behind her every Friday night during services. She knew why I sat behind her, so she’d toss her hair around to tease me.
But it finally happened. I felt my climax approaching, so I made a hard, deep thrust into Linda’s body as my cock exploded. It jerked and spurted for about thirty seconds as she moaned and thrust in sync with each spurt. Linda knew how to milk a cock with her body.
When it was over, we continued to fuck until my cock went too soft to continue. Then I rolled off beside her so we could catch our breath. I pulled Linda into my arms and stroked her hair until we could speak.
“That was so wonderful, Bill. It’s been a long time since I’ve had an orgasm and you gave me four!”
“I know. And I enjoyed them as much as you did.”
After a few minutes, Linda said, “Richard has ED, so we haven’t had sex in several years.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I whispered and kissed the top of her head.
Then without asking, Linda bent down, took my flaccid, wet cock into her mouth, and sucked it for a good ten minutes. As it started to grow again, she got more vigorous and was pushing it down her throat. She’d hold it there for a few wonderful seconds before gagging and pulling it out. But she continued to give me the best blowjob of my life until I started to shoot off. That’s when she pushed it down her throat and kept it there until it stopped spurting.
The whole time I was thrusting up as I held her head in both hands. I began to see us having an affair for a long, long time. Every week, Linda would come to my house to talk about her website, but we’d have sex for an hour. I’d do her doggie style, missionary style, and sixty-nine. Or she’d just give me a nice long blowjob and let me cum in her throat.
“Oh, Linda! You do that so well.”
She let my cock fall from her mouth, then returned to my face and kissed me. “Thank you, Bill, but as I said, this will happen only one time. I don’t want to have an affair with you, although it would be wonderful.”
“I understand,” I whispered, “but I wish I could be with you again. It will be hard to meet with you every week and not make love to you.”
“I know. It’ll be hard for me too, so I should stop coming here every week. Maybe once every two weeks is better.”
I ran my fingers through her gorgeous hair and said, “Okay. I understand.”
– – – – –
And so it went. Linda would come over every two weeks; we’d briefly discuss her website; then as if on cue, we’d kiss hungrily and have sex on the floor. She’d moan and thrust so hard that she’d lift me in the air every time she had an orgasm.
“Bill, this can’t go on. I need to stop seeing you.”
“But Linda! I want you! I can’t get enough of you!”
“I know. I feel the same way, but I think that Leah is getting suspicious.”
“Why do you think that? Did she say something?”
“She did. She asked me why I come home so flushed after seeing you?”
“Oh no.”
“Yeah. So, we have to stop. I’ll just email you my updates from now on.”
“Okay.” I had to agree. The last thing that Rabbi and the synagogue needed was a sex scandal involving me and his wife.
– – – – –
My Rabbi’s Wife and Daughter 2Then about two weeks later, there was a knock on my door.
“Well, hello Leah! Come in! What brings you to see me?”
“Um…can we talk?”
“Sure! Have a seat.”
I was suspicious but thrilled to be alone with Leah. She was simply the most gorgeous and sexiest teenager I’d ever known. I’d watched her grow up in the synagogue, but when she became a teenager, she became hot.
Leah had long brown hair that she always wore up in a sexy ponytail and she tossed it around to make everyone notice her. And she had the most darling smile that made me want to push my tongue into her mouth.
“So, what can I do for you?” I asked as I had a fantasy of getting a nice, slow blowjob from her.
“Well,” she said, then paused.
“Go on,” I said as she looked down and I looked at the top of her head, trying to imagine what her hair would feel like as I ran my tongue over it.
“Well, I have a strong suspicion that you and my mom are having an affair,” she said without looking up.
“Really? What on earth would give you such an outrageous idea?”
My heart was in my throat, so I could hardly get the words out without Leah hearing the shakiness in my voice.
Leah looked up at me and said, “Well, every time she comes home from seeing you, her face is flushed; like she’s had sex.”
I chuckled and said, “How would you know that a flushed face means that she’s had sex?” My heart was pounding at the thought that Leah really knew about me and Linda.
“I looked it up on the internet.”
“Well, I’m sure there are several things that would make your mom’s face flush; not just sex.”
Then Leah turned and sat on my lap with her arms around my neck. “Tell me that it’s not true.”
With gorgeous Leah straddling me with her arms around my neck, I got an immediate hard-on and was wondering what her plans were.
“Well, it’s not true,” I said, which was a lie of course.
“Liar,” she said just before kissing me hungrily.
I returned her kiss as I grabbed her ponytail and put my hand on the back of her head. We kissed passionately for several minutes before she said, “I won’t say a word about you and mom, but you’ll have to have sex with me whenever I want, which well be often.”
I rolled her onto the sofa and ended up between her legs, after which she quickly wrapped them around my waist. “Well, Leah, how often are we talking about?” I said between passionate kissed.
“Mmm. Every day,” she whispered as I pushed my cock against her crotch.
“How will you handle that?” I asked as we began to dry-hump.
“I’ll just say that I’m going to the library to study or something.”
“That might work.”
“Fuck me now, Bill. Take me to bed and take my virginity,” she moaned as she started to pull with her feet.
So, gorgeous little Leah was a virgin! And she wanted me to pop her cherry! That was going to be a thrill and a privilege.
When I got her onto my bed, I roughly ripped her shorts and panties off and pulled her white tank top over her head to reveal the plumpest breasts I’d ever seen! The nipples were hard and she was lying there, ready for me to take her.
I quickly removed my shorts and boxers to reveal my nine-inch cock sticking straight out and throbbing with desire.
Leah looked at it and said, “Oh my god! It’s so big!”
You’re responsible for that, Leah,” I said as I crawled onto the bed and straddled her chest.
“What are you doing?” she asked as I took her hands and pinned them to the bed.
“Don’t you want to start with a nice blowjob?” I asked, knowing that she’d probably never had a cock anywhere near her mouth.
“I’ve never done that before!” she protested.
“Well, don’t you want to learn? A good blowjob is part of any sexual relationship.”
“But I don’t know what to do!” she said as I put my cock to her lips.
Leah started to struggle and turned her head away. So, I laid my cock on her ear and rubbed some pre-cum into the hair above it.
“All you have to do is take my cock into your mouth and suck it,” I said as I continued to smear pre-cum into her hair.
Then she turned her head back so that my cock was now laying on her darling face. My pre-cum was flowing freely, so I said, “Just lick and suck my pre-cum first, then suck my cock.”
Leah seemed to understand and sucked the pre-cum from the head of my cock, then I leaned over her face and she took it into her mouth.
“Mmm!” she moaned in protest when I tried to push too deep. “I can’t take that much,” she tried to say with my cock almost filling her mouth.
“Just tighten your lips around it and I’ll fuck your mouth.”
“Mmm! Mmm!” she moaned repeatedly as I fucked her mouth.
My Rabbi’s Wife and Daughter 3I could have easily cum in sweet little Leah’s mouth, but she wanted me to take her virginity and I was going to accommodate her wishes. So, I pulled my cock from her mouth and slipped down to her crotch and started to eat her.
“Oh, god, Bill! That’s so good,” she moaned as she took my head in her hands.
I licked and sucked on Leah’s clit until she had a nice orgasm, then quickly moved up between her legs and thrust into her. She had let her hair down and was lying there looking so gorgeous and sexy that I wanted it to hurt her.
“Ooh! It hurts!” she groaned as I continued to push my cock into her virgin body.
“It won’t hurt long. I’ll just fuck you slowly until it stops.”
After a couple of minutes, she wrapped her legs around my waist and took up my pace of thrusting. Leah was turning out to be a nice, easy fuck…and my first virgin in years. I’d fucked her virgin mouth and now I was fucking her virgin body! I could imagine having sweet little Leah in my bed for years to come.
“Oh, Bill. This is so good. I want you to fuck me all afternoon.
“I plan to do just that,” I whispered in her ear as I made a hard thrust.
“Ugh! Do that again,” she begged.
“Ugh!” she groaned when I thrust so deep that I was hitting her cervix.
I was about to cum, so I asked, “You’re not on the pill, are you?”
“No,” she moaned without stopping her thrusting.
“Then I should cum in your mouth.”
“In my mouth?” she asked in surprise.
“Yes. Or I can cum on your gorgeous face.”
But before she could respond, I pulled out, straddled her chest and stroked myself as my spurting cock covered her beautiful sexy face with warm cum.
“Open your mouth,” I managed to say as my cum was splattering across her face.
When she opened her mouth, I grabbed the hair on top of her head, made a fist with it, and aimed my cock at her open mouth. She flinched as each hard spurt hit the roof of her mouth, but she kept her mouth open until I was finished.
“Now swallow that,” I commanded.
After Leah gulped down her first taste of sperm, I pushed my cock into her mouth and let her suck it until it was soft. Then I used a finger to scoop up the cum on her face and feed it to her. After that, I rolled over and pulled her on top of me.
We kissed and she said, “That was wonderful, Bill. You took my virginity, now I’m yours whenever you want me.”
“You said that would be every day.”
“I did and I meant it. I’ll find some way to come here every day so we can make love. There are so many positions I want to try.”
“I look forward to that,” I said as I ran my fingers through her soft hair.
“What’s your favorite position?”
“Doggie,” I answered.
“That’s from behind, isn’t it? I want to be good at it for you.”
We kissed and my cock began to grow again. It would have been difficult to not get a boner with gorgeous Leah lying on top of me, kissing me and running her fingers through my hair.
Then she whispered, “I feel you getting hard again. Let me give you another blowjob so you can cum in my mouth.”
“That’s a wonderful idea,” I said and helped her slide down and take my cock into her mouth. It wasn’t hard yet, but as soon as she started to suck it, it became hard very quickly.
“Mmm! I love the way it grows in my mouth,” she moaned as she lowered her head on it.
I grabbed two handfuls of her silky hair and made fists with it as she gave me a wonderful blowjob. Some girls just know how to give head and Leah was one of them.
After several minutes, I rolled us onto our sides. That position was more restful for Leah and I could more easily thrust into her mouth.
Having just had a climax, it took me almost fifteen minutes to shoot off again. That was plenty of time for me to teach her to deep throat my cock.
“All the way down my throat?” she questioned.
“Yes. Just move your tongue, relax your throat, and let me slide it down. Girls do it all the time.”
“Well, I’ll try. But I don’t think I can do it. You’re too big.”
“Just try it,” I said, planning to force my cock down her throat.
“Okay, but go slow.”
“I will.”
Then she took my cock, which was about ready to explode, into her mouth and opened her throat. When she did, I quickly pulled her face against my stomach. My cock was in Leah’s throat and spurting.
“Cusks! Cushs!” she coughed repeatedly as my cock jerked and spat in her throat.
I had to hold her head in both hands and slightly roll over on her to keep it in her throat until my balls were drained. Then I let her pull my cock out and breathe.
Leah coughed a few times, then said, “You forced me to do that!”
“No. I helped you do it.”
“Well, I felt like I was going to choke to death when you started to cum.”
“But you didn’t.”
“No, but next time let me do it by myself. Okay?”
“Okay, sweetie,” I said as I brushed her hair away from her face.
– – – – –
For the next two years, Leah and I had an affair. She couldn’t make it every night, but three or four nights a week was enough. She was keeping my balls drained!
Then one evening Linda dropped by to say that she wouldn’t be needing her website anymore. She’d grown tired of all the traveling and that she’d seen everything.
“I can certainly understand that, Linda. I’ll take your website down later tonight.”
“Thanks, Bill,” she said, then she slowly slid her arms around my neck and kissed me. “There’s something else that I need.”
“I bet I know what that is,” I said as I pushed her slacks to the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties.
Then she dropped to her knees, pulled my cock out, and started to suck me off. I held her gorgeous head in my hands and fucked her throat for about five minutes before removing my pants and joining her on the floor. We fucked hard for a good thirty minutes before I blew my load. But Linda had four intense orgasms. She was still starving for sex and her husband was not able to help.
When it was all over, Linda said, “Bill, can we start seeing each other again? I really miss the sex we had together.”
Oh boy! Here I was fucking Linda’s daughter several times a week and now she wanted to start seeing me again! What the hell was I going to do?
“Linda, I have to be honest with you. The sex we have together is wonderful, but I’ve been seeing Leah for two years now.”
“Oh, I know that. She told me. Or rather she confessed it to me. And I’m glad for her and for you. Leah is a sweet girl and I’m glad that she spends her time with you and not some star quarterback at school.”
“Really? When did she tell you?”
“Right after you took her the first time. She was so excited that she just had to tell me.”
“And you’re okay with that?”
“Yes. In fact, I’m a bit jealous. I wish I could come here three or four nights a week.”
“I wish you could too.”
“You do?”
“Of course!”
“Then maybe Leah and I can work out a schedule of sorts. That way you can have one of us every night.”
“Whoa! That would wear me out.”
“Oh. Then what nights would you like?”
I thought for a second or two and said, “How about you three times one week, then Leah three times the next week, etc.?”
“That’s fine with me, but I’m sure that Leah won’t be happy with it.”
“Well, I’m only one guy with two gorgeous females wanting to have sex with me!”
“Yeah. I see your point.”
– – – – –
My Rabbi’s Wife and Daughter 4As predicted, Leah didn’t like that arrangement but had to accept it. So, for over six months I had the two of them in my bed on alternate weeks. I think they were competing because they fucked harder and longer than ever before.
Then when Rabbi Gross took a job at a large synagogue in Atlanta, he and Linda had to move. But Leah was twenty years old by then, was a junior in college, and didn’t want to move. So, she moved into a dorm and stayed with me most nights.
By then I think she was even more gorgeous! She now had cute bangs to go with her long ponytail, which made her even hotter.
Leah had learned to deep throat my cock without help and would always let me cum in her throat. And she was insatiable in bed. She’d have one orgasm after another before I blew my load, which she always wanted in her mouth or on her tongue.
We’d fuck for twenty to thirty minutes, then just before I shot off, I’d quickly move up to straddle her chest, push my cock down her throat and let it go. I guess that was our method of birth control.
She’d always cough a couple of times but loved to feel my cum slither down her chest.
It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were in love. Leah was so gorgeous and such a good fuck that I could never give her up.
We got married two years later when she graduated and her dad presided. On that day under the chuppah, Leah looked so pretty that I almost cried.