Disclaimer: a bit of romance and emotion in this one, so if you’re looking for pure erotica, you’ll have to wait until the end. But hopefully it’s worth it!

As a 24 year old physician assistant student in Chicago, I had to try to make ends meet however I could. When my roommate moved out to take a job in another city, I had to get a new roommate to pay the bills. I interviewed several less than desirable candidates and just about settled on one when a female emailed me in search of a place to live. I hadn’t considered a girl for a roommate, but, yeah, why not. This, I interviewed her and she seemed neat, responsibleness, and normal so I agreed to let her take over the lease.

Her name was El. She was attractive, but nothing that I felt I couldn’t resist. I mean, I went out with a lot of cute girls. I thought El was of Middle Eastern descent, but I wasn’t sure. She had dark eyes and dark complected. She had an athletic build with broad shoulders and somewhat of a booty on her. There were quite a few tattoos on her forearm and she had some piercings. El worked as a server and bartender at several places in the city. She seemed rather private, but that was okay by me; I just needed her to be a decent roommate and pay her share of the bills. I also got the impression that she had a tough life so far and maybe made some interesting choices up to this point. But that was none of my business.

For the first couple months, El pretty much kept to herself. She did her thing and I did mine. My buddies kept asking me if I was banging her as I maybe had a bit of a reputation for being with quite a few girls. Without sounding obnoxious, I do alright appearance-wise. But with El, nothing could be further from the truth. She wasn’t interested in that at all. Just roommates. There was an occasion where I brought a girl home for the evening, and the next morning El kind of gave me some grief about it. But totally in a joking way. El actually had a guy overnight once and after he left, I asked her to give me the thumbs up or thumbs down on his performance. She said she rather would have read a good book. We both got a laugh out of it.

Eventually, I got to know her better. And I soon became an admirer. She just did things that you respected. She was neat, ate super healthy, took great care of her appearance, religiously went to the gym, spent quiet time reading, and just seemed to have her act together. She was always impeccably dressed. Makeup and nails were always done. Always. But she could also dress down and look great in a Chicago Bears sweatshirt and little short shorts. She could also talk football with more insight and intelligence than any of my friends. Was I becoming attracted to her? I guess it’s fair to say yes.