It was doing the spring of my tenth year of high school, a year after my assault by the three delinquents that stole my innounce. My biggest fears had come true and more of my school mates knew of my sexual assault then I thought. Numerous occasions I was sexually accosted by other male school mates and their associates.

Not wanting to be slapped around or beat to a pulp I usually just gave in to what ever they demanded and went about my business. Geoffrey R. was a student that I had known since elementary school. Not a close friend but some one I would be accustomed to walking with on my way home or hanging out with on the play ground or in a park.

Geoffrey and I bumped into each other one evening on the far side of our high school, I was heading home from my grandmothers house when we met at the street light. Geoffrey always liked to k** around and make jokes about ghost, werewolves and Vampires. Since it was early evening and dusk would not come for a couple of hours, Geoffrey suggested that we go thru the wooded area behind the school saying it would cut our traveling time in half and we could search for coffins and signs of ghost while we were there!

As we entered the wooded area I became agitated by the stress of knowing what had happened to me as we approached a certain clearing. Geoffrey picked up on my uneasiness and confronted me boldly saying ‘ …Damn David, you acting all funny and shyt. Like a little bitch or is that what you are? … ‘ I glared at him and turned to go back the way we entered only to have Geoffrey grip my wrist and make a revelation.

Geoffrey had me by my right wrist saying ‘ … so it’s true that you got fucked here by Bruce, Charlie and Daniel a bunch of times? I hear you are the best piece of ass in the whole school.Some even say your bootie is tighter then a real Bitches pussy? … ‘ I tried to snatch my hand away as Geoffrey continued ‘ … At first I did not believe it happened but I saw some pictures, your face was not shown but I know what you look like from behind. You know we were in the same gym class and I watched you shower. … ‘

Geoffrey looked sternly at me and said ‘ … I want tell any one that you are really a fuck boy if you let me get some bootie every now and then. It’ll be our little secrete and I know you want be telling. Besides your folks would hit the ceiling! Remember they do know my old man! … ‘ Geoffrey sort of chuckled a little as he continued ‘ … Them boys told us how they beat your ass and made you suck their dicks and then fucked you so hard that you start to beg for their dicks! Is that true? It don’t matter to me but I wanna get some of that bootie and I don’t want to have to fight your ass if I don’t have to! … ‘