My son’s friend. Part 2.It had been several days since those two, late night visits from my son’s young friend Steven. My wife had returned home and things were basically back to normal. Yet, when her hands were on me, I couldn’t help but imagine they were Steven’s hands. When she was sucking my cock, I pictured it was Steven’s amazing mouth. Even when I was fucking her from behind, I imagined it was him taking my cock. I couldn’t seem to help it, I was fantasizing about fucking Steven’s smooth, tight ass.

Those two late night visits, there quietly in the dark of my bedroom, were the most exciting, most sensual, most pleasurable experiences I had known since I was a teenager. The way he could make me feel, my body trembled and ached for it. I seemed to crave those feelings again, him pleasuring me, and I wanted to pleasure him too.

The next day, I got home from work to find Steven over and playing video games with my son. I could feel my brain tingle, my pulse race and my cock twitch and swell. When he saw me, and no one was looking, he gave me a shy, sly smile. I didn’t want to want him so bad and would have never imagined it or made the first move, but now there was no denying the lustful urges he had stirred up in me.

When Steven heard that I was going to run to the store, he quickly asked if I could give him a ride home. He didn’t live that far from us, we both knew what “a ride home” really meant.

Once inside my car, he put his hand on my thigh. My head began to swim again, like that very first night. I quickly found a place to park and without a word, Steven leaned over and began undoing my pants. I breathed in sharply, anticipating his young, incredible mouth on me. He made me moan out loud as he slid his lips around me and took my cock down his velvet-like throat.

I found myself lost in the pleasure again, lost in the lust. As he sucked me, my hand found his hard dick and rubbed it through his jeans. Quickly freeing it and feeling his warm, smooth, hard shaft in my hand made soft, cock muffled moans escape his wet, soft lips. His cock throbbed as his slick and sticky pre cum quickly coated my hand and his shaft. I stroked and tugged on it and caressed and tugged on his smooth balls. He felt so good.

Steven’s mouth bobbed up and down on my hard cock, easing me, edging me to orgasm, pausing only to lick around my cock’s head and taste my pre cum. I was breathless and began to lustfully stroke his cock harder. I could feel Steven’s body become tense, his breathing quicken, his lips moan around my cock, then the warm flood of his cum fill my hand. It was all so incredibly erotic and exciting and new. I continued to stroke his cum covered cock as my own orgasm became unable to stop. I filled his mouth with so much cum it spilled out and down my balls even as I could feel him swallowing, trying to keep up. Every orgasm he gave me felt like my first orgasm. Head swimming, brain tingling, body shaking, first time ever, orgasm.