My son’s friend.That night started out innocent enough. My son was having a friend, Steven, stay over, I didn’t think anything about it. He did seem very interested that my wife was out of town and would not be home. Still, I didn’t think anything about it. At least not at first.

Later into the evening, I noticed he seemed to be looking at me a lot. When my son suggested they go to his room to play video games, his young friend looked back at me as they walked away. Maybe I should have known, but it had to be my imagination, I thought to myself.

I watched tv and had some drinks before heading into my own bedroom, and fell asleep.

I don’t know what time it was, but I felt the soft touch of finger tips on me, was I dreaming? Across my chest and down my stomach I felt the fingers touch. Still, I wasn’t sure if it was real or if I was dreaming. In a bit of a alcohol and sleepy haze, I opened my eyes when I felt fingers wrapped around my rock hard cock. I was shocked, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel incredible. Quickly coming to my senses, I realized what was happening and you was doing it.

In the dark, I could make out Steven’s shape. He had pulled down the bed covers and was kneeling on my bed, his hand wrapped around my cock and stroking it. I could hear his lust filled breathing, I could feel my cock throbbing. I should have stopped him, but I didn’t. My own breathing quicken and I looked up at him, my eyes focused now, I could see that Steven was also fully nude and stroking his own cock in rhythm with mine.

His hand felt so good, jolts of electricity shot through my whole body as he stroked me and caressed the underside of my cock’s head with his thumb. I quickly realized he was making me tremble, just from his touch. Then I felt his hand shake, his own body trembling, his breathing short and fast. Steven had brought myself to a quick orgasm and shot his warm cum onto my thigh.

I was surprised, especially at how was of a turn on it was. How much he was turned on by me.

I didn’t even move when he leaned over, but when his lips touched my cock, my back arched off the bed, my ass cheeks tighten and I held my breath. It felt so unbelievable. My head seemed to be swimming as his lips wrapped around my hard manhood. I closed my eyes, lost in the feeling.

Steven’s hands caresssed me and tugged on my balls. His tongue lapped at my cock’s head and his lips ran up and down my shaft. “How could he make me feel this good?” Those thoughts kept running through my head!

“I’m gonna cum” I said breathlessly, trying to be quiet. He lifted his wet, wonderful mouth from my cock and stroked me hard as spurt after spurt of warm, sticky cum shot across my belly and chest, making me twist in pleasure.