OK, in part 3 we return to a time where I had visited my babe already twice, and we had gotten REALLY tight. I asked for a friend to help with this writin because she is good at it (among other things!).

My babe and I were online nearly every day after the 2nd trip. Her husband’s presence at home didn’t stop it much, because he was so much at work, and leaving his sexy little horny lover-of-mine neglected and alone, wanting a bit of Tricia….Or just pussy in her life LOL!

I got Maria (now I called her “my lil Pussycat”) to do sessions of webporn, her fucking herself at times in her jacuzzi, sometimes at her desk, sometimes in her bedroom, with me lying on our couch doing the same, and reading to her erotica, showing her online personal porn vids, or just chatting sexy, slutty things with her. There was trust.

Of course my computer captured her “performances”, which were a huge turn-on to me, I must admit. I could almost taste her during these steamy online sessions…Gosh, did I miss her? HELL YA I DID, ACTUALLY. I could not wait to get her weaved much more tightly to my web of lusty sex….And did I have plans for her! I was also taken by her…Maybe loved her? I think I was well smitten.

I even shared her captured sessions to my boo Andreas, a man always horny for new pornobabes (what? I am not enough?? Damn).

He jerked watching Maria fuck herself silly, rubbing those big tits, squeezing her huge hard nipples whilst her face twisted in lust and ecstacy until a powerful orgasm rocked her body and melted her facial expression to one of total pleasure, concentration, like a still wax mask for a moment, until she shuddered and regained herself from the waves of pleasure. And she was far from being done, that slut! She continued to please her pussy with the dildo buzzing in her so loud it was audible on the camera’s recording.

Andreas (like me) LOVED also how this girl looked: Shorter than me, really nice set of boobs, huge rock-hard nipples, a sensual, exotic Latina-Asian face and lips I wanted so badly on my clit (and Andreas on his cock).

I sent Maria some vids of Andreas and me together, amongst other things….Like him fucking Lene, a good friend, and she screaming like a banshee as he banged her while I filmed and cheered on. Andreas is well equipped, and he not only knows how to use his rod, he also is a caring, good lover…Trust me, I KNOW. I shared vids of me with him, me with him and some other guys, us both in an orgy…And she watched. And masturbated.

She was no longer even blushing seeing some very detailed pornographic details like me entertaining 3 guys (Andreas in my mouth, Carlo in my ass, and Stefan in my pussy). She said she got a bit jealous when she saw me do Lene, and vice versa, fucking this pretty younger blondie Swede with a huge (but comfortably soft, good material) strap-on. Lene fisted me while Andreas filmed it closely, and God she made me cum time and again with her devilish tongue and hand!