We used to go to Miami Beach quite a bit back in the day. Most of the time we would stay at the Delano Hotel on South Beach. On one of our typical days we were laying by the pool in the hot Miami sun but we decided to go inside to soak up some air conditioning. Amy was wearing a long wrap on her bottom and a pink bikini top. It was the middle of the afternoon and nobody was at the Rose Bar off the lobby. The bartender came by and said they open at 3 (it was like 2:20) but he would make us a drink anyway. He poured our drinks and said he would be in the back room behind the bar getting set up and just yell if we needed him. The Rose Bar is situated after the lobby tucked away on the right as you walk out back to the pool. There is a wall of mirrors behind and high on the way above the bar with all the booze lined up in front of it. Of course Amy saw herself in the mirror and just had to pull out her tits over her bikini top to lay them on the cool marble bar top. She kept pinching her nipples and got them rock hard. Nobody could see what was going on because we sitting at the bar with our backs to the lobby and there were very few people around. She does get a little bold with me and likes to show off for me but really only did it when she knew the possibility of getting caught was minimal. I always got turned on knowing there was even a slight possibility of getting caught. I was just sitting back enjoying her play her game of making her nipples freakishly hard. We both sat there for about half an hour enjoying our drinks with her tits out the whole time. When we were done I call out to the bartender and he didn’t answer. I called a couple more times but… crickets. I figured I would catch up with him later to give our room number to pay. We went back out to the pool. We laid by the pool for another couple hours then decided to go up to the room for a nap before dinner. After our nap I got in the shower first to get ready for dinner. I am always ready long before Amy as she takes forever primping etc. I told her I was going to go down to the bar and have one before dinner and settle up with the bartender. She was cool with that and said she would meet me in the lobby.

I got down to the bar and it was packed. I waived at the bartender and he recognized me from earlier and motioned for me to come to the end of the bar where the service area is. I apologized for bailing on him earlier and he said not to worry a bit and asked me what I would like to drink. He brought my drink over and said all 3 drinks were on the house. I told him that was very nice of him. He said no worries and told me it was ABSOLUTELY his pleasure. I was confused a bit as to how much enthusiasm he used in his statement. Maybe he was just being nice and doing his duty as a good bartender. I took a few more sips of my drink and he came back when there was a lull. He asked if me and Amy were enjoying our day. I said we always did when we stayed there. He said he was very much enjoying his day too. He also complemented me on being with an attractive woman like Amy. He told me (with a wink) that the main reason it was such a good day is the mirror behind the bar is a two way mirror!! We were both smiling from ear to ear. Amy would have been so embarrassed… LOL. He also told me that the prep team from the restaurant kitchen also enjoyed the show very much. I asked how many were on the prep team. He said 6! He also told me he didn’t dare come out from the back room in the event she would put her tits away. I told him that was a good move because the show would have definitely been over. I thanked him again and he said “my pleasure” with a smile. I put a 20 on the bar and made a beeline to the lobby rest room to jerk off. I was so hard knowing 7 guys were watching my wife play with her tits in public. The attached pics were taken the same day, one by the pool and the other in the hallway outside our room.