Jenn lives out of state with her husband, Greg. Greg is a good enough guy, but he, apparently, has a very low sex drive; a bit of information I recently picked up when I overhead a telephone conversation between J and Jenn. Of course, I couldn’t hear Jenn’s comments, but I deduced Greg’s unfortunate condition based upon what June was saying to her gal-pal over the phone.

As I recall, the conversation went something like this…

“Oh, honey,” I heard June say, “I’m so sorry! When was the last time?” J paused to listen to Jenn on the other end of the line. “NO! How terrible! Scott and I do it two or three times a week, at least. I’m not sure what I’d do if we didn’t have sex for over a month!”

When I heard this, my ears perked up. I was in the front room, fiddling on the computer; J was in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure if she knew I was close by, since I had been up in the office doing some legal writing for work.

“Really?” “No, Scott is always up for it. His stamina is amazing! He’ll usually make me cum two or three times before he finishes; then, he’s ready to take me on again after just a little while…” Hearing that, I knew she didn’t realize that I was in the next room listening.

“Greg’s how big? You’re k**ding, right? Is that enough to satisfy you? I didn’t think so. . . No, I don’t have that problem at all; Scott’s is a nice size. He’s not huge, but he’s at least 7 1/2 inches, and he always gets really nice and hard.” At this point I was hanging on every word and I felt myself “rising to the occasion!” I couldn’t believe that J was sharing such intimate information with Jenn, and neither could my cock…it was hard!

“What? You want to what? . . . Girl! You are wicked! . . . I don’t know, we’ve never discussed it; but come to think of it, I’ve noticed Scott checking out your ass, before. Yes, it sounds kinda fun…maybe; maybe…let me think about it. You know, we always were good at sharing, maybe sharing Scott would be just what you need!”

Suddenly, Jenn’s nicely rounded ass came unbidden into my mind. I had seen her in a bathing suit many times, and she always looked tight and sexy in it. I had fantasized about fucking her many times, and my mouth started to water. “What would her pussy taste like,” I thought; “anything like J’s?” I was fired up!

J’s voice interrupted my decadent thoughts about pounding her best friend’s firm ass. “OK, I’ve thought about it;” she said, “let’s do it.” There was a pause while J listened. “No, I won’t tell him a word! I’ll figure a way to get you here and then we’ll spring it on him, OK? It’ll be our little secret until then. I think that he might be shocked, a bit, but I also think he’ll be more than willing to satisfy all your needs.” J paused to listen again. “No, I could never be jealous of my best friend; it’ll be a kick watching the two of you go at it!” “Tell you what; I’ve just got to be there to see him fuck you, then, once he’s done with you, wouldn’t you like to watch him satisfy me?” There was another pause while J listened to Jen’s reply. J laughed at whatever Jenn said. “Yes, sweetie; it’ll be really hot sharing Scotty with you; in fact, ever since we were girls I’ve thought about what it would be like to make love with you; maybe you’d like to live out that fantasy with me?” . . . “You would?” “Damn, girl, you’re making my pussy wet just thinking about it!” “I can hardly wait!” “What? No, he can’t hear us; he’s up in the office writing a brief for work. He won’t suspect a thing!”