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Wife flirt inside house while husband wait outside

I keep roaming in that area to find saloon, but I didn’t find any saloon in area. I was angry why I didn’t shave myself that way I would have got opportunity to stay around bungalow. I have to go 7 km back to find saloon. I go in saloon & one guy shaves me, He was watching one romantic & bold songs on his TV, It was song “zara zara behakta hai aaj to mera tan badan” from RHTDM movie. I was imagining my wife Meenakshi & Vijendra in that romantic & bold song, Meenakshi was also wearing saree for todays date. I was getting jealous & dick was erected. He was asking for special shave but I just wanted to finish this & go quickly to Vijendra house where my wife was alone with this lecher, only relief was that this guy is friend of Hemlata so he must be trustworthy guy at least he won’t force Meenakshi.

I keep trying to call Hemlata & Anil, but both of them didn’t receive my call, I was really worried for Meenakshi, but there was very less I could do. I sit in car & again drive back to bungalow. Some time ago I had travelled on this road but that time my busty wife Meenakshi was sitting beside me. I reach to bungalow after clean shave. I was looking towards lock door, it was 4 PM. I was waiting to them to open door.

Then I saw on Pizza delivery boy had come to the house, He came & went pass my car which was park in right in front of bungalow door. He smiled at me & say “hmm, new driver”. He get little excited after watching me, he increase his speed & quickly went to bungalow door. I don’t understand why he got excited & why he call me new driver. He knocked the door, I glued my eyes to door, I was hoping that I will get glimpse of Meenakshi if she opened the door, but I was disappointed because door was opened by that bastard Vijendra, he was not wearing anything at top, at bottom he was wearing shot.

Instead of accepting Pizza He smile at boy & in slow voice he told him something, they whisper for some time. They both look at me & smile, Vijendra give me thumbs up indicating I have bring hot girl. He waive his hand & move his hand as if he is pressing horn of rickshaw, actually he is telling me that he had pressed boobs of my Meenakshi, I feel ashamed. I replied him by smile. He removes something from his pocket & shows it to me, I was dreaded like hell, it was panty of my wife Meenakshi, it was same panty which was she wearing this morning. Is Vijendra fucking her inside? Has Meenakshi become nude? What was happening in bungalow with my wife?