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Meenakshi spend quality time on backseat of car

My wife was now looking little scare, she was worried that her picture was taken by teenager. In picture Meenakshi blouse was totally open, her boobs was expose in picture. I was sure he had also got nice view of her nipple in photo. Not only that but this bastard was that Vijendra also having his hand on her boobs in picture. Meenakshi was bold girl, but she always hides her boobs. Since our college days she never exposes her boobs. She will wear tight fighting dress, but she will never show her bare boobs to anyone, its not like she don’t want people to stare at her bosom but she was too shy to expose it. she was very alert about her boobs. But today one eighteen years old teenager had taken her picture without blouse, that too with her face, that too just from one feet with good quality camera.

Vijendra,who was boyfriend of my wife for one day was now sucking her boobs. His mouth was too small for her boobs. I was proud on my wife’s boobies; I was working on them since college days. Today somewhere I was feeling great when Vijendra mouth or hand was not big enough to hold them.

Meenakshi was so busy in thinking that she forgot that this guy had removed her pallu; meenakshi blouse button was already broken by her boyfriend. My wife Meenu still have blouse on her shoulder, but it was doing nothing to hide her boobs. Rather It was giving sexy look to her body. Red open blouse on milky white sking. She was looking towards me in mirror, I don’t know how to console her. I wanted to remind her that she was on total display in car.

I signal her that her blouse is open, she look at her chest and realize that this guy was now shamelessly sucking her boobs. She didn’t try to stop him neither she try to cover herself. Why will she cover herself? One guy who was sucking her boobs was her boyfriend for today, and I was her hubby. Both male was familiar to her, both had already suck her boobs, Both have feel them, so there was no point in hiding them. In fact she put her hands on the head of Vijendra lovingly and thrust her chest slightly forward so he could get easy access to her melon, Encouraging him to suck her boobs. She used to put her hands on my head when I used to suck her boobs in our college days, today that privileges was passed to Vijendra.

“Viju, are you sure that medical guy will not forward my picture to his friends? See I don’t mind he watching me, he is my devar and I am her bhabhi, but I don’t want him to forward it to other college guys”, my wife Meenakshi ask Vijendra, there was little vulnerability in her voice. She was more worried about her picture going viral among college guys. I remember few teenager who stay in our society and eye on my sexy wife. I feel little scared. Vijendra stop sucking her boobies and remove his head from her boobs. I look at my wife’s boobs from mirror, they were very damp, I could see red bite mark on her white milky boobs. I never bite Meenu there, but Vijendra bastard had bite her, I was now angry on him. How could he hurt my wife their? I wanted to punch this bastard but i control myself.