My Wife - For him--2My Wife - For him--2 2
(while talking to her I drove home and before she realized I rang the door bell)

Wife: oh you rascal(with a smile)..I knew you would come runningly…
Me: open the door
Wife: ok ok ok

once the door opened my son hugged her and started talking about the magic show and all and I was noticing her boy friends bite marks on her waist first as I was removing my shoes..then on her neck and on her onside cheek. He left many marks this time…god knows how many more behind that petticoat and blouse..I was hard as steel inside

She took my son to his bedroom to get him ready for bed…and i walked into our bedroom an dyes she was not exaggerating..there were like patches and pools of liquid all over the bedsheets…all dried but two spots still fresh. Her few broken bangles and then a bunch of jasmine flowers. Then I went to kitchen…nothing much there, but in the living room on the couch there was again a big patch and was yet wet.

I went and waited for her to come to bed…she came in after 20 minutes and i was lying on the same bed where she had full fledged naked sex with her boy friend for untill few minutes back.

Wife: I should have cleaned up and called you..please get up from the bed.
Me: nop..come here..
As she came walking to me I hugged her and pulled her onto the bed…and started staring into her eyes…she was looking ravishingly beautiful…and yes fully ravished by another man. I slowly licked her cheek where I saw a love bit of redness by her boy friend. She chuckled but said nothing..instead she got what i wanted and kissed me for a while…and i swear she did it so that I can taste his smell in her…her mouth looked well used by that arouma I can tell. Then she moved my face to all the places where he had bit her….I acted like a soothing medicine and licked and kissed all those areas..once she removed her blouse and took me to her breasts i was shocked and said..’are you ok’ as the breasts looked fully chewed up and the nipples were like swollen of biting rampage..she just smiled and said ‘sweet the peaks of enjoyment’ and I started licking kissing and she started to get hot again…she said ‘i cant believe i am getting hot again’ I said “its the thought that drives the sexual mind…and now its that one man other than your husband ravished you to his pleasure and you are now being licked and kissed over all those places by another man who is your own husband”

with those words she hugged me tightly..gave me a kiss and pushed me down to her pussy by lifting her petti coat and saree. She stared at my face for a while lovingly mixed with wickedness and made me start licking there. Then she picked up her phone and called her boy friend and started talking on speaker in malayalam which I do not speak. she told me that she wants to ask him if he reached safely.