My Wife Got Fucked at the Lake
My wife is 48 now – she was 39 when this happened. I took the attached photos. Sorry – no faces. I apologize for the exposers. This was before smart phones were so prevalent and I was shaking cause my dick was so hard.

We went camping near a lake we like to frequent. She loves the outdoors and is always begging to go. We had been drinking as we always do when we go to the lake. She loves to let her beautiful tits out in the sun. She covers them when boats go by but that changes as she gets a little more intoxicated.My Wife Got Fucked at the LakeWe’d been married for over ten years at the time. I’ve introduced the idea of sharing her on several occasions with an ole buddy. She always says she’d be up for it but when it’s time to play she would back out. I’ve learned over the years that she loves to tease (though she’ll never admit it).My Wife Got Fucked at the Lake 2I’ve watched her eat pussy on one occasion but she would not allow me to fuck the other woman (too jealous). I’ve always wondered why I get so turned on at the idea of watching her get fucked. The sight of cum dripping from her pussy makes my dick rock hard within a minute after I fuck her – then of course I’m pounding her again. Back to the story…..

She had been allowing her tits to be seen more & more as the day went on. We were camped on the shore and I noticed the same boats passing more and more often. I figured they were getting a good view of her.
My Wife Got Fucked at the Lake 3One of the boats pulled up to our camp (she quickly covered up). It was three of her ex-husband’s friends who were fishing. She knew them for many years. I knew them from around town but never hung-out with them. Good guys as far as I knew.

Of course we invited them to stay awhile and have a few beers. She was getting more comfortable as she consumed. We had the music cranked up and the fire blazing as it became dark. She was dancing provocatively as she likes to tease when she gets drunk.

By this time she had changed from her one-piece black bathing suit to her night cloths. No bra and nipples piercing through. Her tits sway with every move, it was driving me crazy and I know the guys were eye fucking them all night.My Wife Got Fucked at the Lake 4One of her favorite songs started playing, she jumped up into the bed of our pick-up and was using it her own personal stage.My Wife Got Fucked at the Lake 5From our vantage point, we were getting a very sexy show of her panty covered pussy and sweet ass.My Wife Got Fucked at the Lake 6She was lifting her shirt a little at a time as she loves to tease. I know she was pretty drunk by this time. I could see her stumbling a bit while she was dancing.

The guys were giving her more than enough encouragement. I was enjoying the show from my seated position on the beer cooler, across the fire pit and maybe 50’ away. Like I said, she always stops before things get too crazy but the guys didn’t know that (maybe). I thought since she knew them as friends, this was about as far as she would go. I also knew that she had just about reached her alcohol limit and she would likely be asleep within the hour.