My wife Izzy : Deployed Pt 1My wife Izzy : Deployed Pt 1 2My wife Izzy : Deployed Pt 1 3My name is Cameron. I’ve been kind of a nerd my whole life and people say I’m probably too nice for my own good. When I met my wife Izzy , short for Isabel, I feel like I got a little cooler but I still felt like people took advantage of me being so nice . Were both 24 , my parents didn’t want me to get married so young but we both thought it was a good time to do it. They also wanted me to marry a white woman since I am white, I think but Izzy grew on them pretty quick . It was your standard court house deal where you go in a sign some pages . The old black man who was doing some of the clerical work told Izzy to give him her phone number incase there were any issues with that paper work we noticed after we left. He was so nice that he checks up on us and calls Izzy on the phone here and there . They’ve even gotten coffee together. Izzy told me once at the coffee shop the young barista girl thought they were dating and said they look good together And they both laughed and told her that she was married to me. It was funny like how could you believe my Izzy is dating an old grey haired black man haha.

Any ways , I wasn’t making a lot of money at Publix Grocery store and Izzys parents moved in to our small house cause they were broke too so I decided to join the army reserves ! I felt super cool all throughout boot camp even though a lot of the women were out performing me and almost all the guys were . They put me in as a cook. How cool is that ! I wasn’t too bad and I made E4 which is a specialist . It’s not anything special there’s a bunch of them.

Well we got bad news one Friday and said we were getting activated and I was going to deploy for 14 months with 4 of our very new guys. They’re all fresh out of high school and 19 years old. Izzy was super sad she was gonna miss me. One of the guys Darius was bringing his lap top though so he can talk to his girlfriend and the three others were gonna share it too.

Well that weekend me, Darius, Rakim, Skylar and Dewayne spent time with our families and packed up our gear and made our way to our pick up point. They drove us to an airbase where the u it we were getting attached to was getting ready too. Appears as though they were infantry . Thank god I don’t have to do patrols cause that stuff is scary. The flights were really long to Iraq. And our base was super gross. I thought we would have it better . Darius said the internet was high speed and he paid extra for something to make his computer better so the internet is fast or something .