Our sex life had been very much in a rut for the last two years. When me and my wife Lisa had a talk about what was wrong about our sex life.
my wife Lisa is 5’5 blond blue eyes. Small tits that are very sexy. Thin waist and a killer ass.
when we first started dating and having sex Lisa had told me that she like her ass played with.
ever since then, I have been trying to get her in the ass.
At first she would let me try, but would always say owww! And make me stop before I got any where.
the madding thing about it was she liked anal stimulation like fingers and licking, when I put my finger in her asshole it was so tight I could just imagine how good it would feel on my cock.
lisa said that I was just to thick, and part of the Reason she didn’t enjoy sex with me was she knew that at some point in our love making I would ask or try anal. And she found it annoying.
I then agreed not to try anymore.
she then said she was bored with how routine our sex had become.
we had started watching porn together, and she really got off on this one particular porno where two men face fuck and degrade a women.
in the porno a man first interviews a woman and she states that she’s never met the two men that are about to quote force feed it to her.
Lisa was so turned on by this and we watched this porno a lot.
lisa would talk a lot about how turned on the thought of being made to deep throat two strangers.
on camera.
she would talk about how the thought of being degraded really turned her on.
I had asked her if she would let me do that to her, we role played a little but Lisa said it wasn’t the same thing for her.
what really turned her on was the element of danger and that the men were really forceful.
she wasn’t afraid of me at all and what turned her on was she got off on the fear a little bit.
she started talking about really meeting a guy or guys to do that with. I told her it did make me hot thinking about it but that I was nervous she would get hurt.
she told me she was bored in life and needed some danger.
that it turned her on so much.
Our love making did do a total flip.
lisa loved having sex again as long as we watched hardcore porn, or talked about her fantasy.
her blow jobs went to a whole new level of awesome. She would deep it a lot and they turned from just regular blow hobs to porno style. Her fantasy started to creep into my head and I started thinking about it all the time.
when she started searching for a guy to do this with, it got even better.
she started wanting me to cum in her mouth.
she would get on her knees and open her mouth for my cum shot.
when she went on the married affair site and found Rob she would show me some of their text.
He really talked dirty to her sometimes about training her to take cock the way he likes it and stuff like that.
she exchanged numbers with him and they started to talk on the phone when I was at work.
lisa like that he was a married guy. The added thrill that she was going to be a married mans oral slave. Really got her going.
when they were sure that he was going to pick her up. Took his number to do some internet detective work.
I looked him up and seen that he’d never been arrested. And that he was who he said he was. I even found his Facebook and seen pics of his wife and k**s. His wife was pretty hot .
well as I told you in part 1 that Lisa was only going to meet him for an hour or two but ended up being gone for 6 hours.
when Lisa walked in the door I didn’t hear a truck drop her off.
I just heard the door open.
I was just about to go out looking for her. I was so worried.
he must have dropped her off at the end of our drive way. Thank god we live in the woods.
when Lisa left she had on only the tight wife beater tee. No makeup. And was wearing sandals. nothing else nothing on her bottom half.
now she had on the same tee but it was ripped in the front exposing her tits, which her left one had hickies covering one side. She was wearing bright blue eye shadow,eye liner that was running down her cheeks.
she had one fake eyelash on. The other was missing.
She also was wearing hot pink high heals .
I had run to the door to meet her.
she looked like she was hit by a train.
She had a zombie look to her.
when I walked up to her she got down on her knees and pulled my zipper open.
and started going at my cock like never before.
my phone dinged and I got a text pic from Rob. It was a pic of Lisa sitting on his lap with his cock buried up her asshole . Lisa was looking over her shoulder with her mouth open in the pic . Rob had his big carpenter hands spreading her cheeks.
lisa when she heard the text took my cock out of her mouth and said he fucked me! He fucked me in all my holes. I could tell that Rob had set that up. And Lisa confirmed that later.
lisa was sucking me deep. With my cock in her down to my balls she would sit there a few seconds then start quickly sucking up and down.
When I seen that she had taken it up the ass by Rob. My emotions ran wild I was pissed off. Jealous beyond belief. Hurt and more turned on then I ever been in my life. Combined with the absolute best head I ever received In my life.
I told Lisa I was going to cum and she got down low and put her hands on the spikes of her heals grabbed them.
she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue.
I came right on her tongue.
she swallowed and licked my cock clean.
she looked at me and asked if I liked her new skills.
I couldn’t talk.
she got up on unsteady legs.
I need you use the bathroom. Help me. I held her hand to steady her as she walked to the bathroom.
In the bathroom she looked in the mirror and took off the one eye lash.
God look what he did to me.
she had love bites on her neck.
she turned to look at her ass, it was beat red.
oh you think that’s going to be red tomorrow?
I don’t know maybe.
lisa I can’t believe you let him do you in the butt.
oh I am sorry babe. You got to be mad at that. I just can’t believe you let him and not me.
he kind of just did it babe. You mean he forced you? Well no he just didn’t ask my permission.
Did you like it I asked my voice breaking a little.
I don’t know what I want to share with you pat, I don’t want you to get hurt and hate me.
I want to know everything. I am really turned on.
Are you sure it gets pretty bad. I want to hear it all. I said
Did you get you in the butt right a away?
well no. He did that maybe 2 hours into it. And again in the drive way just now.
he just fucked you in the butt in our drive way???
well he pulled half way up the drive way and made me get out and he had me bend over and grab my heals.
she was leaning on the sink and I told her to show me her butt. She gently spread her cheek and I could see that her asshole looked slightly dilated,I rubbed my finger on it and it felt slick. She said oh careful I am sore.
is that cum? She was looking at me through the mirror and I seen her bite her lip, yes.
wow I was so shocked.
I then noticed that Lisa smelled like semen.
l looked over Lisa body examining her. I noticed that her nipples were red.
let me take a shower then we can talk more.
I watched as she got clean.
then she dried off we went in the bedroom.
ok tell me everything.
well she said I can’t tell you everything. He wants to keep a few things we did to ourselves.
like what ?
babe I did something really dirty and he wants to Keep it from you.
what’s dirtier then getting it up the ass from a complete stranger?
the sex acts ran wild in my mind.
Rob said it you insisted on knowing not to tell you anything.
oh look it your fact Rob said it would drive you crazy.
You want to hear the rest or not.
I took out my cock it was rock hard.
Stroked it while she told me what took place.
she said Rob had set up a spot in the woods where they were going to recreate the porno that turned her on so much.
Rob told her that when he picked her up that she wasn’t to say anything to him. He said get in the truck and that his cock would be out and I was to get in and start sucking.
That’s what I did . I just got in head first right on it.
he told me that from now on when he snaps his fingers that I am put drop everything and put him in my mouth.
he had me practice that as we drove. He would let me up at red lights then snap his fingers.
he told me he was going to train me to be the best at sex.
he had me learn what he wanted.
babe he was so commanding it was so hot. He had really strong hands.
and he kept grabbing my ass and tits hard.
when we got to the wooded spot. He had it all laid out. He had a pick-nick blanket a chair and a camera set up.
he had me sit on the chair and he asked me really personal questions about sex.
then he said he wanted me to do a photo shoot and he had me get on all theses different porno graphic positions. as he took pics.
were your face in the pics. Yeah.
he had a backpack with makeup and a few skimpy out fits.
he had me change a few times.
when I was getting the outfits out I noted he had a jar of vasaline in there.
I kind of knew what was coming. Later.
after the photo shoot. He had me sit in the chair and said he wanted to go over a few things.
the first thing he wanted to do was train me on his commands.
he snapped his fingers and said when you hear that your on your knees mouth open tongue out.
let’s practice he snapped his fingers and I got down but not fast enough. He told me to stand up. I did and he gave me a hard slap on the ass.
every time you don’t listen or do something half assed, you’ll get an ass zap.
I rubbed my ass and he snapped his fingers . I got right down that time,
he said good girl, he put it in my mouth and fucked it good and hard,For a few minutes.
Ok when I snap two times you get on your back and pull your knees up and spread wide.
he snapped and I got right into position.
that’s a good dirty cunt. He said to me. He then spit on
my pussy and put two fingers in me and did this she showed me how he hooked his fingers up. Babe he made me cum so hard. You have to learn how to do that.
them he said when he claps like a genie. I was to be on my knees with my head down on the ground and to reach though my legs and grab my heals.
and to really arch my back so he had a good view.
he clapped I got down but didn’t arch good enough. He gave me two hard zaps . One on each cheek.
He noticed that I had a little tear and told me to go to the bag and put the makeup on he had in there.i got the bag and went to the truck and did it he stayed by the blanket and yelled to make myself look whorish. Lots of Shadow and liner. And lips stick.
when I got back.
he asked me if I seen some old movie .i can’t remember the name.
i didn’t, but he told me there’s an old movie where there’s prisoners. And when ever they want to do something they ask here boss? Like if they go I have to take a piss here boss. He just nods. And they do it.
He snapped his fingers and I got down. From now on when I snap! my cock go’s right in your mouth. But before you do you say taking the cock in my mouth here boss. If I snapped twice you get down and say taking it in the pussy boss. I clap you say taking it in the ass boss. And you don’t do it until I nod. He snapped his fingers I got down taking it here boss . I did it wrong and he gave me two zaps again.
he snapped and I got down and said taking the cock in my mouth here boss.
he was choking me with his cock. He snapped two times .I got on my back and said taking it in my pussy boss.
babe he fucked me hard and long.
He made me have multiple orgasms for the first time in my life.
I came like three times in a row. I thought I was going to pass out.
I thought he was never going to cum. He started to rub my Pusey with his fingers and I came again.
he ahh here we go he pulled out just to shoot the first drop on my clit and then he sank it in me deep.
we took a break and I sat on his lap and we talked.
he asked me if I like it so far I told him I did.
he told me that the next round was going to start soon and that it was going to be a lot rougher.
he opened my legs and put two fingers in me and did that hooking motion again.
he said. That if I wanted to stop now to say so now because he was going to get more perverted as we went a long .
I told him I wanted to keep going.
he told me to stand up. He said from now on when she stands her toes are to be pointed in her eyes down and her hands folded nice. In front. I did what I was told.
now be a good girl and go get me that ass grease. I went and got the jar and bought it back to him. He told me to put a tiny dab on my finger.and just a dab on the tip of his cock .
rubbed it on your hole I did and he put his finger in my asshole and one in my Pusey. He had me straddle my one knee on his lap and he pounded his fingers in me good .
he kept stopping to zap my ass with a slap every so often .
he told me to get my phone and to put in on video and prop it up so I showed his cock .
he then said get over here and get on it .
I know he meant with my ass.
I forgot to say taking it in the ass boss so he spanked my butt hard .
giving me a few whacks .
he stopped and looked at me and I said taking it in the ass boss.
I lowed myself on him. He said this first one you start the the show.
but after this it’s going to be him at his pace .
he sad after your all the way down look back at your phone we going to send this to your husband .
I started going up and down.
We fucked like that for a few minutes .
he snapped once and I got off and down but hesitated because he was just in my butt. And I forgot to say taking it boss he gave me a few more slaps on the cheeks. He had me get on it in my pussy and he twisted my nipples hard. And started sucking on the one really hard .
he then Told me to go and sit in front of the camera. We did that thing he wants to tell you about when he meets you. it’s so dirty babe your going to freak out.
he clapped I got in the position and he ticked me doggy style like that in the pussy and he. Put his thumb in my butt.
we changed positions a few time and he didn’t tell me to move he would just pull my nipples or my hair until I was where he wanted.
He started to train me on more technical stuff like he wants to show you later how when he signals me I do different things.
like ?
well I’ll let you. Know one. When he taps me on the head that’s the signal to lick his balls.
he wants to show you himself . Why do you keep saying that ? I asked. Oh he’s coming he next Friday at 6 am sharp to do stuff here at our house he want to show you my progress.
He train me he said you can use his signals too . But not the genie clap that’s his only.
wait I am not allowed to get you in the ass .
well I guess that’s what that means.
I want to get you in the ass. So bad.
I don’t want to risk him finding out.
i like doing this .
How many times did he do that to you? Just the twice.
the second time we were coming up the drive way and he says get out . I did and he clapped but there was gravel on the ground he told me to grab my heals and he just put some grease on his cock he put it on my butt hold and told me to say taking it as he pushed In . I only said it once and he spanked me hard . he wanted me to say taking it every time he pushed it in me.
It hurt so good. I can and stopped saying it but he didn’t care. He told me to go right to you and when I hear the bling on your phone to tell you he fucked all my holes. he shot a big load of cum in me and kissed me on the lips and sent me home. To be continued.