As I now stand inside the door to Jon’s office, completely invisible to the very excited crowd starring at my beautiful and naked wife (his hands feverishly groping her chest and mid section) he announces in a predominate voice, “Boys let me introduce you to the best slut I have ever known, who is going to make all your fantasies come true”, to the immediate roar of the anxious and extremely horny crowd he was addressing. As I heard those words and the response they garnered, I could only stand in my place and take in the response from the eager crowd surrounding my naked and beautiful wife.

After Jon’s announcement he held Trish’s right hand into the air, twirled her around and handed her over to the eager crowd as the closest participant took over for him. All I could see is this mans hand grab Trish’s wrist and guide her away from where Jon stood, as she became one with the group. As Trish disappeared to me, I could see Jon stepping back to make way for the eager group ready to pounce on my beautiful wife.

I could see from Jon’s expression that he loved every second of this and was more than eager to sit back and watch as the excited crowd positioned themselves to get their piece of the action. Jon was a big, fat and tall man who stood out from the crowd of smaller Asian men. Eventually, as he looked on, he made his way over to me, the only other taller man that stood out in the crowd of shorter men.

Jon finally made his way right next to me. It seemed almost purposely so he could carry on a conversation with the only other man in the room not obsessed with fucking my wife. As he stood next to me staring at the activity in front of us both he finally addresses me and says, “So you must be so happy to be Trish’s man, she is amazing”. To which there was a long pause. Was that a compliment, or a very perverse statement. I didn’t even know what to say back to him as we both stood in our tracks starring at the group of naked men in front of us sexually devouring my wife. I could obviously see that Jon was thoroughly enjoying himself with the drama unfolding in front of him, as I could only look on in horror as my beautiful wife was being used as a sex toy.

As it all unfolded in front of me I was witnessing my beautiful wife being groped by each participant as they all undressed and exposed themselves and their very hard members. Trish was like a rag doll going from one to another as eager hands covered her and fingers probed her private parts, disappearing into her lovely orifices.

The thoughts that went through my mind where; shut it down and get mad, let it play out, or get the hell out of there. Even with that, all I could do was stand there and watch. I was completely frozen and could not move or say a word. It’s still a bit of a blur to me. As I stood next to Jon while Trish disappeared into the center of the crowd, I finally remember her feet popping up into the air about 10 feet from us. When I saw that it all became very surreal to me and I just stood there in awe as I watched her feet bounce back and forth as she is being taken by one of the men in the group. I remember thinking to myself, “Should I go up and hold her feet so she doesn’t get tired?” but as I thought that one of participants did that for me, as they also licked every inch of her feet. I remember seeing bits and pieces of Trish’s bright white flesh through the mob of brown skin that completely engulfed her. Guys would come out of the center, recharge, and then make their way back into the center. This lasted for a while.