Chapter 13, Feeling Lucky!

I had to get up around dawn to pee. Chuck must be like a camel because he can go all day holding his water. He said he had a “guard-mount bladder”. I had no clue what that was until he explained that, in the army, people on guard were not permitted to leave their post without being properly relieved. I could have never been able because, when I have to go, I have to go- when it hits me, I relieve myself. He lets me sleep on the outside so going is easier.

I know, probably too much information for you.

Lori had said we would spend much of the day anchored in the cove before heading back to the harbor where our adventure had started. I was in my third month of pregnancy. I had flown, sailed, been taken down winding, hilly roads, and not the slightest feeling of nausea. I thought about my Xhamster profile, how Chuck and I met, our chats and emails, and my days with him. He had managed to allow me to experience every item of interest I showed in my Xhamster profile.

You are darn right, I felt lucky.

I got back in bed and snuggled next to Chuck. As I lay there, I processed yesterday’s activities. With the exception of Chuck’s finger last night, my sexual pleasure had come from two women, Maggie and Gretta. My pleasure came from different women and approaches. It was nice, but in the early morning hours, I realized something was missing.

My breasts pushed up against his back. They felt different than a few weeks ago. They might have been a bit fuller. I had been wearing shelf bras since Chuck took me shopping for lingerie. The bras only supported the girls. The shelf ended at my nipples exposing the entire upper half of both breasts. I loved the effect, especially under somewhat sheer blouses and tight knit tops. I had no way of judging if they had actually increased in size like if I wore bras with cups that would fit tighter.

The heat Chuck put off was amazing! My breasts seemed to warm up. My nipples came alive. I reached down between my legs and touched my pussy. I would laugh and tell him my pussy was always hot. IT was. Hot! With my middle three fingers I began to rub myself off. Maybe it was the movement. Maybe my moaning. I woke Chuck up. He turned toward me.

Morning wood.

We kissed. I worried my mouth would taste like the bottom of a dirty bird cage. It did not stop him. Out tongues danced, our lips kissed, our teeth nibbled. His big hands found my breasts and he loved on them taking me to the edge of an orgasm. I had not stopped rubbing myself. He told me to get myself off and he would help me get there.

He put his hand between my legs and fingered my cunt as I rubbed my clit. I was so close and told him so. He turned his hand and pushed his fingers in to rub my G spot. That sent me crashing over the edge. We both smiled.