Chapter 4, More anyone?

Mother broke a barrier! In a way, I was not surprised. Sapphic love was not all that unusual between consenting female adults. It certainly was not the norm between us.

This became the second time she tasted Chuck’s cum. I wondered if he was habit forming because I could become an addict.

It was the first time she tasted me and I totally enjoyed it. It was a passive thing on my part. Well, sort of. It was a mental and physical act because I enjoy receiving oral pleasure and pushed myself on her until she did her magic with her mouth and tongue- and I climaxed. I said it was a mental act because of the erotic component.

How many of you have orgasmed from such an intimate act from someone that close to you? What she did pushed me further into a situation that was explosive. As much as I loved what she was doing to me, I felt unable to return the favor to her and told her so. To her credit, she said it was okay because she only wanted me pleased.

How could I be so lucky? And selfish?

Jillian brought out a pitcher of fresh lemonade, ice, and cups. It was refreshing.

Poor Chuck- he, like Peter, was petered out. It was a blessing because I was tired from a series of strong orgasms and could handle no more than lead him to bed and lay naked in his arms. We stood to thank our hosts for a wonderful afternoon and evening. Chuck laughed saying it was a stimulating afternoon and evening.

Oh, the punishments.

Before we headed to bed, Peter asked if we were up to friends of theirs coming over to join us for a swim party the next day. I mentioned our lack of conservative bathing suits. Jillian said wearing them, we probably would feel over-dressed. I translated for mother and Gina. Mother asked if tomorrow would be a repeated day with Jillian responding it might even be better once we were rested.

We four needed a night of rest; it was beginning to show on our faces. Besides, there was tomorrow; it would be day 57 since my last period.

As I lay in his arms, Chuck, always the planner, said he planned a surprise for me once we reached Fiji. Obviously, the inner c***d in me asked what it was. He smiled and responded that it would not be a surprise if he told me. He looked into my eyes and assured me I would love it.

I was sure of that!

I felt small in his arms. Protected. Content. Complete. I wondered how soon I would feel our c***d growing inside me… Our breathing slowed as sleep crept up on us like a gentle fog bringing us needed sleep.

Chuck was awake and looking at me when I opened my eyes. I felt wonderful, alive, thankful. I asked him how long he had been awake to hear him chuckle.