Chapter 7, Cum Aboard “The Princess”

The drive from the airport to the water front was short. I really did not watch things as we passed them as I was interested in Lori and trying to visualize her undressed and how she would be like in bed. My mind was still processing the conversations with Gina and my mother as well wondering where it would all lead.

I was jolted back to reality when Lori asked Chuck, “Have you told her?

“I told her I had a surprise for her in Fiji.”

The van pulled up and the driver put luggage on a small wagon to tote it to the boat docked several dozen feet down a pier jutting out into the harbor. He asked us to wait while he transferred our bags onto the deck. Chuck handed him a tip and Lori climbed up and beckoned us aboard. Chuck mentioned the navy’s tradition to salute the flag at the bow and to salute theoo person greeting personnel as they boarded.

Mother went first, waved at the rear of the boat and kissed Lori on both cheeks. Gina went next giving a salute to the rear and kissing Lori on the lips. I was next wriggling my butt to the rear and grabbing Lori saying, “I hope I am not too forward,” and kissing her fully on the lips. Her response was welcoming. Chuck was next. He playfully kissed Lori’s butt and kissed her lips as he asked, “Permission to cum aboard?”

Lori replied he was welcome to cum where ever he wanted.

I looked around. No one but us were on the deck.

Lori told us it was time to show us our berths and to leave the bags on the deck as a crew member will take them below in a bit. She gestured to Gina and mother to go down the passageway and we would be right there.

They disappeared below. Lori turned to us and said her husband was a fully licensed captain of a blue water vessel and “The Princess” was under his command.

“I know you got married in Argentina. We want to go out this evening and Jim, as captain, wants to perform a ceremony at sea. You will be his first.”

Chuck turned to me. “Darling, that is part of my surprise. I had thought about having the ceremony here all along but you wanted your family present. So, we will have a second ceremony at sea.”

I was excited beyond belief!

Lori gestured for us to go below. I went first.

To my surprise, below were my mother, Gina, Sofia, and Ornella. All were standing there beaming. Chuck had my oldest girls fly to Fiji on an earlier flight so they would be present as my big surprise. Jim called us over to meet Megan and her fiancé Frank. They were an attractive couple.

“Call me Maggie, if you want. Or, Megan. I also answer to Slut.”

An attractive young man was introduced as Mingo, dressed in deck shoes, white shorts and a white shirt, he set out a tray with a pitcher and glasses on the center table. A second young man, Timothy, similarly dressed and equally handsome, set out a tray of food and both disappeared up the stairs we had just descended. I heard muffled voices then the engine started. I felt us begin to move.