Chapter 10, Love on The Hill of Lesbos

The temperature in our cabin was perfect and the gentle movement of “The Princess” rocked us to a sound sleep. In a single day, we had gotten up, said our good byes to or friends in New Zealand, flew over open water landing in Fiji, boarded a beautiful sailboat, sailed for a bit, renewed our vows under sail, and had toe-curling sex for hours. I recommend that regimen if you experience a sleeping disorder.

The smell of coffee stirred us awake. I slipped out to make water in our cozy head followed by Gina. She spoke to me as she slipped by.

“Thank you for last night. I feel so close to you.”

She disappeared after closing the door for privacy.

Chuck spoke next. “How is my wife and c***d doing?” He patted my tummy that was showing the early signs of my pregnancy. “And, more importantly, how are you feeling about last night?”

“I slept soundly, if that gives you an indication.”

“No second thoughts, worries, concerns?”

“Darling, not yet. It was something she wanted, something I could not deny. And, to my surprise, I enjoyed it.”

Chuck slipped in the head after Gina was through and left it for him. I decided to put on my bathing suit bottom so I could freely sit without feeling like I might soil a surface. Gina took my lead and did the same. Chuck, ever the nudist, grabbed a towel.

We went into the lounge to find a small feast laid out for breakfast. Chuck handed Lori two bags of the organic Costa Rican coffee he brought for a gift. The morning coffee was grown in Indonesia. There was fruit, breads, and jams, laid out. Jim came in from above all chipper. I went over and hugged him for the beautiful ceremony and for his hospitality. Hugs with naked people are so much nicer!

I fixed a small plate and took a cup of coffee up to see What was happening. Chuck and Gina did the same. The sky was beautiful. Mother and the girls were sunning themselves. Ricky was fishing as was Mingo. Chuck seemed to inhale his breakfast. Must have been a trait he picked up in the army. I walked over to Ricky asking how the fishing was going. He said he and Mingo had nearly caught enough for the day’s supper. He said Timothy cleaned and prepped them as fast as they were being caught. Jim called over and said he wanted to get under way in an hour.

“Aye, my Captain.”

Ricky said that he and the two mates were going to be passengers as Jim and Chuck were going to take the boat out for a fast run. Then, he looked at me.

“Nelida said she was your mother. Seriously?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Why?”

“I don’t know what to say. I guess an old sod like me enjoyed a mother and daughter in the same day and didn’t know it. Who’d believe that?”