Chapter 18. More Dessert?

“How about that bath I promised you?”

I had thought of sucking my husband’s cock when I heard his words. As much as I desired to please him, I was also physically tired. I moved back up toward his face and kissed him.

“Was that a yes?”

“It was an ‘I love you.’” I just looked at him and smiled. “As wonderful as it sounds, let’s snuggle and fall asleep.”

He smiled back, hugged me tighter, relaxed and… well, it was like he flipped a switch. He was asleep. I never saw anyone who could fall asleep and wake up in an instant. I soon followed him.

I slept like a log.

I woke the next morning to a gentle sucking on my nipple. Chuck had gotten up, shaved and was ready to get dressed. I loved his manner of waking me. His suckling lasted a good fifteen, maybe twenty minutes on a breast that had gained a full cup size since we first met. Thankfully, he paid equal attention to both so I did not appear lopsided. I loved how they felt and were looking.

“Honey, time to get dressed and go to breakfast. I know you are not big on that meal. But I hear this is something else.”

I would have preferred to have spent the day with long periods of love-making interspersed with periods of hard, intense fucking in between. But, he was my man and breakfast is important to him. Plus, I might run into last night’s addictive but non-fattening and all-so-tasty dessert.

So, I slid from the bed and went into the bathroom. The rascal. He had drawn my bath water. The tub was one of those white cast iron tubs on feet. I put my fingertips in the water. If my hair were blond and not brunette, I could have been Goldilocks; the temperature was perfect, not too hot, not too cold. It felt wonderful. I laid back to take it all in.

My naked man servant, Carlos, as he announced himself, entered to attend his mistress. I could play along.

“Carlos, you may start with my feet.”

Chuck washed them giving both a nice massage while doing so. His washcloth got both legs to a point halfway between my knees and my crotch.

“Is Madam ready to have her back washed?”

I looked at him and leaned forward. It felt wonderful.

“If Madam will permit, I will wash her chest.”

He held the bath soap in his wet hands and rubbed it creating a lather. Having my breasts washed like that nearly brought me to orgasm as he really washed my nipples well. He knew what he was doing and did it well. It felt like he was expressing milk from both of them ending with a firm tugging and stretching of the nipples.

“Shall I drain some water so I might wash and condition your hair while I finish your bath?”

I replied by nodding my head. Warm water from a pitcher was poured on my head and a citrusy-smelling shampoo was worked through my thick tresses. His fingertips massaged my scalp. It took several pitchers of water to rinse my hair. The conditioner also smelled like oranges. He rubbed it in and through my hair.