Chapter 19. Changes

It was another wonderful night. The bed was so comfortable, the room was quiet, all was right.

Chuck and I woke and showered together. It will be my last freshwater shower for a while so I washed and conditioned my hair again. I decided to wear the same dress I wore to dinner the night before. The huge decision- to wear or not to wear a thong. I asked Chuck what he thought.




I explained I had no clue what he meant.

He pulled up the skirt-like lavalava to reveal his cock and balls.

“Ahhh. No thong.”

Two commandos entered the restaurant for the breakfast buffet. We attacked the food with gusto. The commandos won.

We headed to the bakery area and picked up several bags of fresh bread and pastries for “The Princess”. We checked out then walked in the humid morning air to where she was docked.

Bags were placed on the foredeck for those who were departing. The large passenger van would arrive within an hour or so to take them to their flight to Christ Church, NZ to connect with their actual flights home. But, there were more bags than I anticipated.

Nelida swapped tickets with Sofia and was flying back with Ornella. Sofie would stay onboard. A call last night had made the changes possible. Maggie’s visit had ended as well. She and her fiancé were heading back to Texas. Mingo was departing as well with Jonathan remaining until the next port of call, one of the other large islands in the archipelago called Fiji.

We were all hugging, kissing and crying as the van pulled up. Out stepped a smiling Liz wearing athletic shorts and a tee shirt over a black swim suit top and carrying a travel bag.

“Told you I would see you soon.”

The effect on me was like Pavlov’s dogs salivating when they heard the bell ring prior to being fed. My pussy salivated.

We loaded the departees with their luggage and waved them off. I wondered if their experience in the airport would be as wonderful as our arrival with smiling locals playing guitars and singing. (Note: it was!). Ornella did not share her decision with me.

We all walked back to “The Princess” and went on board. Liz was introduced to Ricky, Jonathan, Gina and Sofia while Chuck carried her bag below. Liz kissed Lori and Jim.

Chuck came back and assisted in preparations to head out to sea. Jim started the engine and when we were untied from the pier, we were under way. We cleared the breakwater and the sails were raised. As they caught the air, Jim cut the engine. We were under sail. Jim turned the wheel over to Ricky. We all went below below. We were going to sail for three to four hours and spend the night off a beach with white sand. That would be in contrast to the black volcanic sand I had seen.