Chapter 2, The Awakening

After hours of love making, my vagina contained his cum because my engorged labia trapped it inside preventing it from leaking out. I wanted that too! Eventually, jet lag caught up with him as did hours of lovemaking well into the approaching dawn of a new day and chapter in my life. We fell into a restful sleep in each other’s arms sleeping until the sun light penetrated my sleepy eyes.

I slipped out of our bed to make a pot of coffee. Sofia wandered into the kitchen rubbing her eyes wearing panties under a large Tee shirt.

“Well, how was it?”

I simply gave her a smile. Well, maybe it was the expression of a monkey eating a delicious banana. Next was my precious middle daughter, Ornella, who didn’t need to ask. I was still smiling.

I had the coffee going and was rummaging around for ingredients and a baking pan to make some cinnamon coffee cake. Usually, we eat some toast with our coffee and juice. This would be special. Both started to talk at the same time and both pried into something they were more than curious about. I put my finger to my lips to shish them into silence as they had not realized Chuck was there, in my bed. Then, I remembered something he said weeks earlier about sleeping naked and walking in his own space- naked. He did not know he was about to be tested.

I had given my body and heart to the man. I committed 100%. But it was still mi casa, my home. I am okay being around the girls undressed and they around me. It is a usual practice for us. But, there had never been a man present since I told their father to move out. And, it was a topic Chuck and I had not breached. How was this going to work this morning? Would he walk in to the kitchen naked?

We three chatted about things. Well, more precisely, him. Ornella, soon to be 20, said he looked handsome and that with a bit more color in his skin could pass for a local..

Sofia laughed, “Sure, if they cut more than a few centimeters out of his height. He is so tall next to you.”

“Not when I wear heels. I can almost look him in the eyes. And, dancing with him last night, it felt good to look into his eyes without craning my neck up or having to look down on a man. Standing with him in heels, he did not appear to tower over me. I certainly did not tower over him. I liked that too.”

Ornella, my daughter interested in taking over my business, indirectly asked how the sex was last night. “Mom, was he good to you? I mean, he is so large next to you, large hands, large feet, was he, I mean is he, well, you know?”

Her sister popped in, “Just ask it, is his penis too big, too small, or just right?”