Natalie Woke Me With Her Mouth
I was dreaming. I could feel it. A warm sensation massaged between my legs in a way I’d never felt in real life. It was comforting, intoxicating, forbidden and exciting. I’d always been taught that my private parts were special to God, and off limits to me. But, in dreams the boundaries are less clear. I wiggled my hips to allow the sensation to drive in deeper, settle in closer. Covers slipped off my legs, soft hands climbed my thighs, reaching around my hips. I let a sigh out as the wet caress continued into me, stimulating my body in ways I didn’t know were possible. It was amazing. Like something warm and squishy licking my special spot, only I couldn’t see what it was.

My eyes came open slowly and my mind took a few seconds to orient. I was laying on my back in my uncle’s lake house in the bedroom I shared with my younger cousin every year. Outside was twilight, aNatalie Woke Me With Her Mouth 2nd I remembered that Natalie and I had been alone in the house while the adults went fishing. We got into her dad’s liquor and it made us loopy and sleepy. I passed out on the bed with her close to me. Was I still dreaming? It felt like my bathing suit was off. I lifted my head and looked down. The room spun a little, but there was Natalie, her mouth covering my vagina. It was her tongue that lapped at my privates with an urgent hunger I’d never experienced before. Her hand laid across my pubic mound as she looked down, apparently intent on doing this to me, whatever this was.

“No, we can’t…” I said with effort.

“Don’t you like it?” she asked, continuing. My body certainly did. The waves of pleasure felt stronger than all other sensations I felt at the moment.

“I mean…yes, but…our parents would kill us,” I sort of tried to scoot away from her but her mouth felt so incredibly good on my body I lacked the energy to resist.

“Not if they don’t find out,” she said, continuing to bear down on my vagina in places I’d never touched before. It was like a revelation. I gasped and sighed aNatalie Woke Me With Her Mouth 3s I felt my hips uncontrollably humping to increase the pleasure.

“Nat, oh my gosh…why did you even think of this…it’s, it’s…we aren’t supposed to…” my protests were weaker now. So powerful was the pleasure I couldn’t resist her.

“Oh, I’ve done it plenty of times.”

This shocked me. She’s kinda crazy but doing this to girls?


“Girls on the drill team, one at camp, another friend from school, they all love it. It’s no big deal.” Her eyes looked up at me while her mouth latched on again. The sensation of her lips pulling on my shivering flesh and her tongue playing up and down, then darting inside me made my chest heave. My swim suit bottoms lay to one side of her. She must have slipped it off while I was passed out. A growing feeling inside my tummy made me want more of her mouth on me.