I made him look bad, i should have never brought up his grade, his mom and dad angry warned him he would be cut from the basket team if he cant get them up

He started drinking too fast and looked at me like he would kill me as the night went on and i was afraid of his parent leaving me alone with my roomate, taller than a head, stronger black guy

”thanks for the night and meal you too take care and you be better get those grade up”

”oh yeah mom i will”

”good night”

the door close he look at them leave and i never saw him so angry

”wtf was that”

”what sorry Mike i ….thought they knew”

”you fucking stupid or what, fuck school , you knew it, you think you are better cuz you have good grade like a fucking gurl always studying”

”heyyyyyyy heyyyyy what you doing Mike”

”gonna show you im better than you girly boy”

”hey shit stop , my hairrrrrr”

”on all 4 like a dog , stupid bitch gonna learn you are not better then me at nothing exept being a girl”

”come on walk on all 4 , gonna go in the shower with me and you will see whos the man here”

”hey stoppppppp hey mike dude wtf”

”shut up and move”

he pull me to the shower and threw me in getting the water on

”your so weak , dont try to run , you better get undress bitch ”

he left leaving me under the water in my wet cloth, afraid looking at him leave
i just had time to get out and remove my tshirt and pants thinking of running

he got back with ….a blue something

”you not naked? get back in the shower right now, who told you to stand up ? ”’

he push me down i was terrified as he pull my boxer
”i brought you proper swim suit, what you shy ? shy ill see that small thing”

mike was wearing his swimsuit, getting me naked and wanting me wearing a girl bikini, i fought but he was too strong

”i brought you proper covering for that small cock, i dont want to see such a lil thing ever, no one does”

”here , move your hand ”


”i said move that hand, im putting you in bikini , since you like being a good grade girly boy”
he got me naked and i was looking down so ….shy he saw it
” fuck you are small , ahahah oh wow dude you are so small”

”gimme your legs faggot”

i was pull up in bikini bottom somewhat happy i was hidden away , him laughting at me fitting perfectly

the top too he said watching me start to feel defeated. my hands up the top on he look at me on the floor

”good , you look cute in that , now you will wash me and discored why you are a girl”