Naughty Adeline - About me and my work in the adul

Since many have shown interest in my work and myself, I decided to write this blog post and explain all there is about me, my work and the services I offer. First of all, I’m Adeline, also known to many of you as Naughty Adeline. I was born and I live in Eastern Europe and yeah, I’m a Balkan girl. I’m a bit over 30 but I don’t like it much to be classified as a MILF. I don’t yet consider myself that.

I mainly focus on creating amateur video clips, either my own projects or custom requests. When I don’t shoot clips, I’m streaming live and if I’m not doing it by default, I do my best to stream on-demand for my fans.

It all started as a hobby but in the meantime I decided to transform it into a full time job and make a living out of this. Read on to find out how and why. So, who says you can’t have fun at work, eh? Now I can say I found my dream job!

Naughty Adeline’s Private Life

Naughty Adeline - About me and my work in the adul 2I like to play video games, mostly MMORPGs (former World of Warcraft addict here) but since I got into the adult industry I mainly played with sex toys and did not have that much time for gaming. Other than that, I like quiet walks in the park but not for too long since I’m very active most of the time and get bored easily. Same goes with vacations… I like trips to quiet and unpopulated areas (and no, you pervert, its not due to public sex possibility!).

So by this time I think you figured it out that I’m an introvert and thus, I don’t party much. Almost not at all. Also, I’m not much of a drinker but instead I’m a heavy smoker and I love ice cream. I’m socially awkward and don’t have my friends because of this.

I like changes once in a while so I change my hair color often. Thus, you can sometimes see me as a redhead, sometimes as a blonde and maybe even some crazy hair color. Don’t have any tattoos yet but I plan to get a few once I manage to raise some extra money and the same goes for body piercing and while these are not expensive, I’m just afraid of needles and need a bit of courage.

Naughty Adeline – Going up and down

Now, since you’ve read this far, I guess most people who are into me are curious how Naughty Adeline got into the adult industry and while it’s a very long story, I will try to make it short.

I grew up in a small town with a conservative community so my early sexual exploits were quite dull. But when I moved to the big city, all this changed. I became more open minded to various sexual practices and preferences. For example, ‘till I got to the big city I haven’t tried anal or even a lousy blowjob, just simple basic pussy fucking.