so I found this app called KIK. played around with if and quickly stumbled on the rooms with all the guys in it. I entered in and found they wanted all sorts of verifications and what not I order to join in and chat. After pics and codes I was in. At first it seemed like a “Craigslist” chat room. A lot of pic collectors and jerk off chatters that never intend on meeting. until BA….

I get a private message.

” HI ”

I respond, “hey!”

the normal back and forth ensued. Age, stats, interests, etc… Then it lead to conversation. we chatted about life, jobs, hobbies and family. not once did he ask for a pic. Which is in my experience usually the first thing that I get asked. Don’t get me wrong, I love to show off what I have. Even if its for pic collectors. Hey, we all need something to jack off to. But this guy never asked. We just chatted.

We went back and forth for about a week. The chat got more sexual in nature. I, out of the blue, shot a pic of the hard on that he had help create and hit send. He said wow! conversation changed and we talked about cocks and sucking, touching and jacking each other. We bantered back and forth for a few more days. yet conversation danced back and forth from sex to PG stuff. I was really enjoying it.

His experience was limited. He had hooked up with guys at the gym in the sauna and the showers. And one experience in college. He said he had never formally set up a “hookup” before. It was my golden chance to give him a first. I suggested that if he had an hour or so free, we should meet somewhere and see if we are what we are looking for and go from there. Keep in mind that I have never even seen a picture of him. But for some strange reason I felt confident that he would not be a 390lbs hairy goat.

Back and forth went on a bit about a meeting place, and how much time we will have. He had a few things he was working on and he said he would shoot me a message when he was going to leave. I said ok and jumped up and got in the shower. Getting out my phone buzzed. I toweled off and opened it up. He said he was on his way and where were we going to meet. Me not really wanting to leave the house for more reasons than one, just threw it out there…

“How about here?”

“OK!” was his reply. ” what is your address?”

I replied to his request, and proceeded to get into my loose fitting shorts, “not underwear” and a tee.

30 minutes later, his car pulls up in front.

Inviting him in, I took him to the TV room and we sat on the couch. we chatted nervously for a few minutes. He eagerly asked if I wanted to play around any. I said sure and that was my queue to pull off the shorts. i was already hard which I am sure he had noticed. I then sat back on the couch. He Obviously pretty nervous, fumbled around taking his shoes, socks, and shorts off. He was wearing a belt and all on his cargo shorts. It was clear to me at that point that he was very limited in experience as he has too many layers of clothes on that were going to hit the floor eventually. All the while I’m sitting there cock hard and waiting.