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“I’m gonna talk to Naomi” Kelly said while rubbing her knuckles “Just ask her a few harmless questions under the threat of imense pain and suffering, y’know how it works”

Edward stared blankly at Kelly while Avery just chuckled before speaking out “This is the type of company you keep? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m down for what she said, but is everybody around you as crazy as you?” Edward shook his head with a mild smile “You have no idea. And no Kelly, I don’t want to do this violently, at least not yet. I’ll try the diplomatic route first. Naomi sounds reasonable.”

Kelly just shrugged before the bell rung, making all three of them vacate the football field and head to their individual classes. As soon as Edward got into his classroom his gaze met Naomi’s. She was smiling at him until he mouthed ‘later’ at her with the sternest look possible, which caused her to lightly shiver and look away.

This exchange wasn’t missed by Hannah who kept her eyes trained on Edward without him noticing. She tried to ask him something as he sat down at his desk, but their teacher entered the classroom before she could.

After a boring class that he half listened to, Edward got his things together before rushing out of the classroom. Most of the class had left already, only Hannah and Naomi still inside the classroom, Naomi just waiting for Edward to get as far away from school as possible, and Hannah just wanting to know what’s happening. The only reason Joshua wasn’t trying to hit on the redhead or just watch her was because the football team had practice.

“The hell was that?” Hannah asked Naomi who just shrugged, her poker face almost shaken “What was what?” “That earlier, that look that Edward gave you. What happened?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Naomi said before getting up herself, thinking that she had given Edward enough time to leave the school. After all, who wants to stay in school after classes were over? As soon as she crossed the door she was surprised by someone clearing their throat. She looked to her side only to see Edward leaning on the wall, waiting for her.

“Naomi, we need to talk. Urgently.” Hannah was right behind Naomi, looking at Edward before asking “Edward? Is everything alright?” Edward shrugged before locking his eyes on Naomi’s “I don’t know, ask Naomi.” Naomi was stuck in place, scared of Edward. Even Hannah froze at hearing his cold tone. Edward simply motioned with his head for Naomi to follow him before making his way around the school’s corridors, ending up under the bleachers of the football field, the same place he fought Bosh’s group at, just outside of view of the football club.