New Pleasure Rediscovered

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Robin lived in a very nice house with Audrey. The house was the last one before the dead end making it still more attractive that not everybody drove up to there if they were not supposed to be there. Robin was with Audrey right from his freshman year but now after two years, she suddenly decided to be somewhere else, in some other part of the country and just walked out on Robin. He had noticed Kyler, his neighbor to be living there before he moved into this house but Kyler was never seen with a woman. Robin did not know if he was divorced, never married, gay or a bisexual because it was quite rare that they formally met the other than a simple hello, hi in the back yard or the back porch in summer months.

It was a nice summer afternoon, Robin was working on his yard and had just finished mowing his lawn. Kyler was doing the same next door. Surprising that Kyler dropped by soon after he finished behind Robin and brought a tall glass of ‘Bloody Mary’ for Robin also and they sat on the chairs on Robin’s deck. They had never talked in depth before. Robin noticed that Kyler was a well-mannered mellow guy looking happy and relaxed in a t-shirt and cut jeans shorts. He mentioned having seen Robin living alone for the last well over a month and Robin told him, “Yes, Audrey, my long-time girlfriend needed to make a move and I could not do that with her at this time”.

“Was it tough to break up”? Kyler asked a very pointed question but Robin answered very calmly that no, they split up calmly. She was good about it and so was I”.

Next Kyler asked even more bluntly “Aren’t you getting horny” and it sounded very mischievous. Once again Robin was very calm and cool in answering him saying, “Yeah, but don’t we all get horny”? Kyler only giggled loud, whispering, “Well yes”!

“I have always seen you alone in here”. This time Robin was very much to the point and asked him, “How do you handle it”?

“Oh yes, I have been”. Kyler replied and paused for a second. “You look and sound like a reasonable, flexible person. I hope it won’t shock you if I told you that I took care of those needs and desires of mine with some other guys mostly.

Robin looked at him, smiled and thought for a moment. Yes, he realized; he had seen male visitors coming in and out of Kyler’s house even a group sometimes on Sunday afternoon. Robin’s cock was hard by now, thinking about Kyler having sex with men. He had played sex with some guys in his school days but then had excellent time with woman as he developed being a man. He shifted in his chair.