[This one’s inspired once again by my friends A & T!]

Our wedding might have seemed, at least outwardly, somewhat ‘conventional’, but what neither of my wife’s parents, nor mine knew, was our honeymoon was going to be a significant departure from what they were likely assuming it would be. Had they known, they would have likely raised a number of objections, so that was why we had not told them anything about it.

For most newly wed couples, the night of their honeymoon was going to be comprised of a lot of sex; and though sex was definitely on the list for that evening, it would not be between my new bride and I! The reason for that was that Mandy and I had made plans with someone else, a recent immigrant from Senegal, by the name of Habib, to impregnate Mandy instead of me. You can see why we didn’t tell either of our parents about this! Eventually, of course, as the time came for Mandy to give birth, we would definitely have to reveal the truth that I had obviously not been it’s father! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After the wedding service was over, and after the wedding reception was winding down, Mandy and I were antsy to get away, and get to the hotel room, but our parents wanted to take pictures, and their were other friends and relatives who wanted to congratulate, etc. etc. During all that, I got a text message from Habib asking when he should meet us at the hotel; and I texted back that we’d be leaving the reception sometime ‘fairly soon’, and that as we did, either I, or Mandy, would text him and let him know.

But finally, there came the time where we could leave! No one else there knew, of course, what our particular plans were for later, and I found that strangely exciting. Also, what no one else but Mandy knew, I was wearing my brand new CB 6000 chastity device. I’d worn it all through the wedding ceremony, and no one had been any the wiser. I actually didn’t need to wear such a thing. I wasn’t going to have sex with Mandy on our wedding night; but still, it just added an extra layer of excitement and adventure for the wedding itself! In fact, the way Mandy and I had agreed prior, I wouldn’t be removing the chastity device until the next day; well after she and Habib had spent however long they both wanted it to be, fucking (and hopefully leaving my new bride with at least one fertilized egg as a result!

Our families had seen our marriage as that: a relatively conventional marriage, and a monogamous marriage at that, but that wasn’t what we had in mind. What we both wanted was a cuckolding-based, and, more than that, but the babies Mandy and I both wanted would all (every last one of them) be with different men, rather than with me! In particular, we were both very committed to these other men, these other fathers, all originating in Africa. That was the bottom line. That was why Habib was meeting us later at our honeymoon hotel room!