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The annual party was being held as usual on New Year’s Eve. Whole group of close knit friends once again came together to celebrate and get in touch again.

To make the party more interesting, every single person was allotted a name tag. The tags went something like this — Devar, Bhabhi, Jija, Saali, Boss, Secretary, Biology Teacher, Administrator, Doctor, Patient and so on. The game was that the host would announce two different name tags and they would have to come up on stage and present a skit and entertain people.

Everything was just happening. Party was going on nicely but was surely missing some FIRE. The host, one of my closest friends took me aside and asked me to somehow bring some FIRE into the whole party — somehow, anyhow. I took a few minutes and told him my plans. The discussion brought up a smile on both our faces.

Dinner was soon over. Everybody was now centered around the stage and enjoying the skit’s being performed. Everything was going smooth but very SIMPLE kinds. The host, my friend, then went on to the stage to announce the next set of names that were to perform. The tags were “ADMINISTRATOR” and “BIOLOGY TEACHER”.

I went up the stage as ADMINISTRATOR, a few friends hooted for me. Everybody was waiting in anticipation for the BIOLOGY TEACHER. It was none other than my closest friend’s wife. It came as a shock to me as I was supposed to FIRE things up and here stood my closest friend’s wife on stage. The whole scenario was a new ball game for me and am sure it was going to be a revelation for everyone around that stage. I looked around for my friend, he seemed to be indifferent to what I was going to do. So I thought “WTF, let the party catch some FIRE”.

The Biology Teacher, Sunita, knows me pretty well and vice versa. Me and my friend have always been very close to each other and Sunita had no way out but to bear with us. She was absolutely comfortable as we were settling in and discussing the basics of the skit. It was decided that we will perform on basic lines of an interview where the administrator is making it harder for the BIOLOGY TEACHER to accept the job since he has a candidate in mind already and the BIOLOGY TEACHER is crossing and accepting his terms as she is in desperate need of this job besides the pay and perks are way above the basic industry standard.

We wish each other the very best and take our seats, adjust the microphones and settle in. There is a subtle FIRE building up inside me as I plan my basic lines. My eyes wander for a second – I look at Sunita, the way I look at her is totally different and I can sense some FIRE building UP in my crotch too as I admire her looks (in a rather different way).