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She: Sir, I personally feel the most intimate act that everyone should know is KISSING. I can challenge that half the boys/girls who do it, don’t actually know the whole act. I would like to give a practical demonstration of this act as it is very dear to me.

A few in the crowd were almost jumping, to get to see the thing more clearly but on the whole every single pair of eye was totally focused on the stage. It was a time to make a decision for me – whether to stop or go ahead and push some more.

Ashok: that’s well said miss and rightly so, I cannot agree more to what you say.

Me: since we agree on the basic act, please give us a detailed demo along with the exact style in which you will demonstrate the students, that will help us decide whether you are able to convince them or not. To start with Mr. Ashok here is your student. So start your demo please.

She was totally ready to beat the hell out of me. Her eye had that look of a lady in total control and i was the one looking for escapes. I had never anticipated such a thing to ever happen between us friends. Every single thing she said and did was making me wonder if i did the right thing … but again…. there was a devil inside me who just would not stop at anything.

Me: start please. I also request all the trustees here (pointing at my gang of friends) to come up on stage and tell their opinion on the whole act as we have to decide whether you are worth the job or not.

I was trying to make it as hard for her as possible and she was taking every single challenge up like a champion SLUT. She just added a few shades more to her cheek and waited for all the trustees to come up on stage. Every single guy tried to rush and get the best view possible.

She: I would have loved to personally demonstrate it to every single trustee present here but since you have made Mr. Ashok your representative, I will give all my demonstrations using him as the student. I hope to pass your rigorous tests Sir.

Her timing of words was so perfect and precise that we were the ones blushing harder than her. A few friends could not dare to look her in the eyes and were looking down but some were getting bolder by the moment. I was happy for that. I just blinked at Ashok as Sunita made her first move towards him. Ashok just sat there and did not mind a bit of what was going on and what was going to happen further.

The one thing that we all, on stage, could hear clearly was our HEARTBEATS. Every single person on stage had a super fast heartbeat and a nervousness to manage (somehow).