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Me: Ok, I will take you for your words then. You have not answered my question yet – What is that thing in me which attracts you?.

There was a smile on my face as I asked her this question. A smile that clearly conveyed, things were moving as I had planned. A smile that made Sunita, Ashok and the rest of friends ponder over my next move.

Me: I will answer you, partly though. I know the exact signs when anyone becomes EXCITED. Your pupils are dilated which I can clearly observe but not all sitting here. You are blushing so hard that your cheeks are off by 3-4 shades. If you were to open your clothes right now, I am sure we could observe that your whole body is blushing. (Walked casually towards her and took her arms into mine) It is burning too.

Sunita was totally flushed and blushing even harder than before. She wanted to do something about it but did not know what.

Me: I think you can term the experience that you are having as LUST. Am I right?

She (very meekly): Yes.

Me: Interesting. Quite interesting. Seeing you like this I am quite sure, the kiss that you demonstrate on me will be QUITE an emotional one (the chuckle was quite loud and distinct).

I looked hard, quite hard into her eyes and asked her…..

Me: Now tell me Sunita, what part of me brings out these LUSTY emotions in you?

I switched off the mic and asked her if she wanted to stop here. Neither did she reply nor did she make any attempt to stop it.

She: Sir, you can ask any lady in this room. Every single lady here LUSTS you.

That was some statement, the effects too. Murmurs, gossips and a buzzing happened. I looked once again towards her and could see the subtle win in her eyes. I just kept my fingers crossed that everything between us friends stayed like what we were before. It was hoping too much at the moment but there was nothing more I could do.

Me: I can vouch the same for you too, Miss.

That added even more buzz to the place.

Me: My question was – what is that thing in me which brings out those lusty emotions in you and not what all the people feel here (trying to salvage the situation and implication between friends).

Sunita was like a bitch now, who was cornered before and now since she had no room left – she was getting back at the attacker.

She: Sir, I basically have been attracted to you forever.

It was NEWS to me and every statement that she made was creating a buzz, larger than before. I sincerely did not know how to bag this cat. She was a cat and I was the one responsible to make her a tigress.

Me: And does your husband know that?
I cursed myself for getting so personal but there was no other way out.