Sexual tension between us was high from the early morning, but we didn’t do anything about it, or even talked about it. We just let it simmer. It was a really sunny and warm day so we decided to go out for a walk. Catch some sun and fresh air.

Of course you had to wear something really hot I guess because you wanted to get that tension to another level.

After just a few steps in the good old outdoors you started your teasing.

Waking in front of me, making that ass swing and seduce me…

Rising your skirt and exposing that awesome ass covered in nylons helped a lot.

Nice and sunny day
I enjoyed the view, and the touch when I came closer, but I let you walk and make me nuts slowly.

We drifted away from the path, deeper into the woods, I was just following your lead.

Nice and sunny day 2
All this walking made our legs a bit tired so we slowed down at one secluded part. I offered you a drink, hydration is important. You took a sip and sat down…

Nice and sunny day 3
I was standing above you, taking the moment….you opened your legs a bit and that was the breaking point in my mind. You were turning me on like crazy at this moment. Running you hands on your nylon covered legs, flashing your crotch to me.

“Touch her for me”…I said. You were reluctant because there were people around, we could hear voices, not close but someone was out there.

Nice and sunny day 4
“Come on, do it…” I persisted, rubbing my bulge just slightly….and you slide hand between your legs.

Nice and sunny day 5
“What if someone sees me?” you asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m keeping watch, rub that lovely pussy for me, make it wet….” I replied.

You relaxed a bit, and getting more into it…I was running my hand on my bulge…I loved that full, tense feeling in my pants.

“I’m getting all wet..” you said, gripping your pussy and keep on rubbing it.

“I like it, make it wet. I like your pussy wet.” Moans came out of you as you rubbed more.

Those voices became a bit louder and you started to rub faster, more intensely, you squeezed your legs together like if you want to hide but at the same time you don’t want to stop.

Voices went away again…

“Get your tits out.” I commanded. You did, with excitement in your eyes and kept on rubbing her.

“I need your cock.” You said.

“You have my cock, but now, keep doing what you’re doing….get your hand in….” I replied

and you did…I could hear wet pussy sounds….

Sooooo wet… mumbled….

Sliding fingers in….you just went more intense with it…moaning just slightly, mumbling “fuck….”

Voices became louder so I said.
“Cum now, people are coming…”

I didn’t even finished that and you started cumming. Quick and intense cum from what I could see.