Nice Next-doors Neighbour: Awesomely attractive “Apple-Cheeks” is actually Jolly Juicy ‘JACOBI’

Nice Next-door Neighbour “Apple-Cheeks” is My Main Curiousity as Cunning Cute ‘Cunny’ to ‘Come’.
It takes several years to get to know her step by step: Where does she live: Which door, which floor?
At the back like me, or at the street-side? So, what is her name? It takes ta few years to conquer her!


Nice Next-door Neighbour Puzzles Me, as her Family name of Vlaming (Flanders) contrasts her looks

It takes quite some time to find out her name, as I do not encounter nice next-door neighbour great girly girl
“Apple-Cheeks” very often. As she lives not in my street, but just around the corner – on a direct distance of
less than thirty meters from me. It takes not long for me to make her recognise me, my smile, my polite look
at her upper cheeks. Unlike most men, who just stare down her BIG BOOBS which is why she always hides
them in a loosely-knit woollen sweater or more clothing.

It is remarkable how slender and sensual she is, her tender teen-like lovely looks, with lovely looking long
curly chestnut-coloured hair abundant around her always openly smiling fine face with convincingly clear
Slavonic features. Which are no surprise for a Jewish girl with roots in Eastern Europe, probably Polish,
so I gather the name of her grandparents before the second world war was completely different.

It seems my ‘Apple-Cider’ moves in some dozen years after me, still a student at end of her teens, or early
twenties. I suppose she studies ‘Anthropology, ‘ searching for her family roots. And in general of all of Jewish
diaspora from Tsaristic territories driven Westwards by progroms in Russia and later also in Polish territories
finally by an unsuccessful ‘Endlosung’ which her folks fortunately – for the both of us – survived in great health.

It amazes me, my turn-on and continuing curiousity for her, as I ‘always’ fall for flat-chested ‘AA’- tiny-titted
or ‘BB’-boobed blondes or red-hot real redheads rather than curly buxom brunettes, for females to conquer.

It might amaze my dear reader less after a look at lovely lusty feminine features on photographs from then:


“Apple Cheeks” at all three levels”: 1: Fine Face — 2: Big Beautiful BOOBS — 3: Awesome BOTTOM

Nice Next-doors: Jolly Juicy JACOBI 1

At that time of taking these pretty ‘private parts’ pictures above, “Apple Cheeks” had no idea what she was
up to with me, in terms of as an erotic experiment of sexual submission and anal abuse, eventually ending
up in archives of our “Amsterdam “Amour” Academy” or for Sexual-Social Scientific private purposes at
our “EXPERIMENTAL EROTIC INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE” for continued cunning ‘coming.



Interested teens to consider to take some sexual semresters of teaching and traing in theory and praxis:
Inform at us by writing us here or in snail-mail to Tasmanstraat 43-HA 1013PX A’dam, or call 206 848 256