Joe, Nikki and Butch had times spent together but Nikki had never actually experienced double penetration from her 2 guys. Usually, while being fucked by one she would be sucking off the other. She really enjoyed fucking Joe by sitting on him and facing away from him so Butch had access to their joined crotches. As Butch licked up the juices, he went from the base of Joe’s cock to her clit. It would send shivers through both of them. But Joe wanted to try a real 3-way with DP and figured that meant Butch needed to be in her ass. They had performed some anal but after penetration they knew Butch’s cock would grow and expand more so they increased their anal fucking to prepare Nikki.

The planned time came and they didn’t want someone walking into this scene so they were going to do it in their bedroom and lots of towels were required to catch the mess generated by Butch’s cum and their own. This was new for Butch to be encouraged into the bedroom but he was willing to follow a naked Nikki anywhere. Nikki coaxed Butch onto the bed and got him to lie down. She played with his sheath while Joe concentrated on her pussy. While she soothed Butch by physical contact made it clear there was much more to come, her pussy as getting well lubricated. Joe then took the tube of KY and liberally applied to her asshole and surrounding area. Then he put a generous amount on his fingers and forced first one and then two into her and by rotating his hand tried to apply the jelly to the surfaces of her anal canal. She preferred her cunt fucked but had become accustomed to anal over the past weeks and was looking forward to this new way to experience sex with both her guys at the same time.

Feeling he had prepared her as well as he could, he lay on his back and gestured to Nikki. Before getting up she leaned into Butch and kissed his snout. As was their custom by now, he licked her mouth and they each opened their mouths and licked and she sucked his tongue. She then scratched him at the ears and stroked down his side to his sheath. Got up, crawled over Joe’s lower body, positioned her over his crotch, took hold of his cock and sat down. Slowly she sank to the base of his cock, letting out a sigh and groan. She took the time to rise and fall on his cock numerous times to get comfortable and started. Then, she turned her upper body to Butch, patted her butt and, “Come here, boy. Come fuck your bitch.” Whether he really understood or just recognized the position, he was quickly behind her and moving up over her back. This going to be trickier because he was used to entering her pussy and that was already occupied so she needed help guide him higher into her other hole. As soon as he was in position and started humping and banging into their union, she lowered herself further to put her asshole at the right height for him. When he felt her hole, he pushed forward just like he did to her pussy and drove in with one push. She was thankful for the jelly Joe applied. Once inside her the same reactions occurred only this time in the much tighter confine of her ass. His cock started growing in length and size immediately and his precum added lubrication into her ass where Joe’s fingers had not been able to reach. She had never felt so full. Joe’s cock in her pussy going in and out and directly rubbing along Butch’s growing cock with just a thin skin membrane between them. Butch, being a dog, didn’t know any other way but full out. Joe reminded Nikki, “Do not let his knot into you. I don’t think your asshole can take it.” This was not a slow and easy, let’s enjoy the situation fuck. Joe and Nikki hung on to the sensations occurring with her until Butch finally started spurting his hot cum in streams into her ass. The combination of Butch’s wild fucking and crammed space quickly brought Nikki and Joe to mutual orgasms, themselves. Without the knot to tie them, Butch slowly was able to slide out of Nikki but not without some exertion. He had grown to a size that her sphincter did not want to release. But once out his cum drained out her in a stream, running down over her pussy and Joe’s cock, unto the towels. She was very contentedly collapsed on top of Joe when she suddenly gasped, raising her head and sighing, looking into Joe’s eyes and waiting. Then, “Yes, I was hoping that would be the reaction. As soon as he started cleaning my ass, I knew he had to be licking your cock, too. And, he is because you’re getting hard again inside me. God, Joe, all these sensations. I love my life with you! You’ve given me so much. OOOOOHHHH, yesssssss, you two, yessssssssssssss. I’m cumming, agggaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnn.” Once again collapsed onto Joe and panting hard, Joe is still thrusting into her wet and welcoming cunt, Butch is still licking them. “Awwww, you two, stop!”