Meanwhile, Joe and Nikki’s relationship with Harry and his sister, Juli, continued to grow. Juli’s arrival in Harry’s everyday life put a spark in him that was apparent to all of them. She was a wonderful woman and so good for Harry that Joe and Nikki accepted her immediately. She was also extremely open minded and was game to try many things new to her. Harry and Juli appeared to be much different that the socially conservative image they had of farmers and ranchers.

Juli quickly determined that everyone was just teasing Nikki, she actually did spend much of her time naked, both inside and outside. While at Nikki’s she found herself following her lead and being nude outside was very freeing and invigorating. Although her body was aging and had lost the firmness and trim appearance many years ago, she found that not be any concern when she was with Nikki or Joe. She had amazed herself that when Joe arrived home from work and found them in the back planting a new flower bed that she was able to resist covering herself. Although she was initially self-conscious at these times, she would lose that and continue her activities. She realized that Joe really did appreciate her body by the looks he gave her while trying hard to make her uncomfortable by watching too intently. He later explained to her that he felt the body was very attractive in itself but most especially when the inner being of the person showed through and he said that was she was able to do.

Back home she was determined to discuss this with Harry, her brother and lover. She wanted to be able to be naked there, too, and needed his assistance. Finding him in the barn, “Harry, I love being at Nikki’s and being free to join her being naked. I want to have that freedom here, too. We currently only need help on the ranch 2 days a week and we’re able to handle the rest. Since the guys are only here on Monday and Thursday, that leaves the rest of the week. What do you think?”

“You can be naked with the guys here if that’s what you want, but they’ll want that body after seeing it. Juli, you’re amazing. Since you have come here, I feel so much better, energized, and alive. I see it in you, too. Joe and Nikki are great examples of how to live open and accepting and in the process experience more because prejudices aren’t being constantly getting in the way. I encourage you to do what feels right and good for yourself and us.”

With that she stripped down, put her clothes over a stall door and kissed him hard. “You need to get more hay around, right? How about I go up there and drop the bails down and you can spread them out. Climbing up the ladder, him at the bottom watch her ass and seeing her pussy open and close with her climb, “How many bails do we need? Harry, when you’re done watching my ass, we can get this work done and then you won’t need to just watch. I’ll be yours to do whatever you want.”