The time at the pond became quite extended. Most certainly longer than the guys originally planned for. Good thing it was Sunday and they got started early enough. Between the modified saddles they rode getting there, fucking the guys and then the dogs, Nikki and Juli were exhausted. The pond wasn’t much but it felt so good right now to just lie in the water and soak their tired and used (well used) bodies. As they lay there, there was no pretense of glamor remaining. They knew they looked a mess from the hard ride and fucking. Their knees were dirty and they had been sweating profusely under the sun just from the ride over and the orgasms the dildo modified saddles caused. Damn, Nikki thought, horseback riding alone is a jolt to the groin, then add a dildo, then have it vibrate remotely. But no, even that isn’t enough, Joe has to add another dildo (thankfully smaller) for my ass and that one vibrates, too. She put her head back and let it go into the water. Not the cleanest water, but it was cool and refreshing.

Juli next to her seemed to be in the same state of caring. She already had her head down in the water and sighing to the feel of the water soaking her aching body.

The guys had taken their horses and rode off to check on the cattle. Joe liked following Harry around doing this cattle stuff. It was so different from his professional life. And while the guys were gone, the girls were going to do what they could to recover their strength and sooth their bodies, especially their cunts. Nikki raised onto an elbow and looked at her best friend. She was much older and could be old enough to be her mom. But her body was still good. Nikki remembered the transition that has occurred to both Juli and Harry since they have become friends and then sexually active with them. They have experimented with each other and all four of them have enjoyed the experiences. Nikki is encouraged to be naked by Joe when at home and Juli was accepting of this younger couple right from the start when she learned of the strong and supportive relationship that her brother, Harry, had with them. Nikki still thought that was a special little kink that Juli brought to this relationship when she and Harry are fucking with them and she remembers – sister and brother.

Juli’s body was certainly not as firm, and maybe a little more round than she might like, and maybe her breast sagged a lot more than she liked, and she didn’t have the stamina that she once did, but Nikki saw a mature woman that wasn’t afraid of who she was at this point in her life. And that was very cool. And, Nikki thought, very sexy. Despite when they were together and sexual, being naked around the younger couple even though her body was no longer as stunning and firm as Nikki’s, she was comfortable. And Nikki and Joe enjoyed her, clearly not comparing her. But just her. That was a wonderful gift her friends were giving to her and Harry.