True to his promise to Nikki, after two days Joe approached her with a plan he hoped would allow her to fully come back to him and their lifestyle. He said the plans were set, the reservations made, Juli would be taking care of the dogs in their absence, and she had two days to get ready for a four-day get-away to an island resort. What he didn’t tell her was that they were headed for the exact same resort that Michele and Tim had gone to for their honeymoon. They had heard so much about their adventures there that Joe didn’t want to put too high of expectations on her until they actually got to the resort. He only told her that the resort was an island experience and extremely casual but to plan on dressing up at least for the evening. That way he knew she would pack jewelry, heels and stockings in addition to dresses she would not be wearing. Michele had volunteered to arrange a separate case for Nikki containing various negligees and dressing gowns that Nikki could choose from as she was comfortable for evening “dressing up”. As Nikki would discover once she realizes what resort she was at, the resort was clothing optional but they encouraged dressing for evening dinner and clubbing in erotic attire that was essentially nude but not quite.

Ironically, given Nikki’s recent experience and her intention to rediscover her sexuality, this was something of a honeymoon for her. She found herself looking forward with interest, excitement, and wonder. But, at the same time despite what her body, heart and soul was seeking from this long weekend, there was a part of her brain that still held onto the fear, turmoil, and intimidation of venturing back into the sexually adventurous lifestyle. But at the same time she also knew with her whole heart and soul that whatever Joe had planned for the weekend to address her stated desire to find her way back to him, fully and completely, that he would accomplish it with the sensitivity and delicacy that she knew only Joe would be able to give her. And at the same time gently and lovingly pulling her through barriers she may encounter along the way.

And so when they exited the airport after successfully navigating the amazingly simple customs process and they were greeted by the resort driver, she felt like she should already know the name of the resort on the side of the van. She felt like she recognized the name but she just couldn’t quite place why. All the while, Joe had a constant little smile of knowing on his face and he is constantly touching and giving her little kisses. Combined with the warm, moist island environment she is already feeling enveloped in warmth and tenderness.

Arriving at the resort, she is stunned by the beauty and lushness of the grounds and surroundings. She can hear the waves on the beach just behind the buildings, the palm trees and full greenery of the plantings.