Joe came home that night ending the workweek to a very quiet house. There was no van in the drive belonging to the video company. The two women who were the sole owners and employees of a small local video company had just spent two days at their property first filming Nikki for an instructional video for K9 sex and then after seeing what Nikki’s day really is like came back the next day to do a ‘day in the life of’ documentary type filming. Both had Nikki very active with the dogs, but only slightly more than normal, if at all. The biggest difference was the mental stimulation for Nikki in being intimately viewed and recorded during it all. Also, Joe found it very arousing for himself knowing that all this was going on. Both the knowing because it was scheduled and also the hearing about it from Nikki at the end of the day. He found that he couldn’t wait to get home and have some quality time with his wife as a result. The one thing that never entered his mind, because he knew his wife’s appetite for sex, was if she would need or want some resting time away from sex. No, she may not be Michele, their younger friend, but Nikki did not easily tire of cock, his or the dogs.

So, although he was a little surprised that the driveway was empty and the house was quiet, he was very much relieved. This meant that his quiet weekend could begin immediately. He found her on the back patio sitting at the wrought iron table with two glasses of wine. One of which she was sipping from. She was naked, as usual, and the dogs were lying under the nearby tree, both looking very satisfied. They each only raised their heads on his arrival and put them back down. He leaned over her and gave her a kiss. “And how was your day, dear. Anything interesting happen today? The boys look a little worse for wear.”

She laughed at that and looked their way. “Very interesting, actually. I will tell you all about it after you get changed. As for the boys, it wasn’t all me. It was quite hot today.”

After he changed, he rejoined his wife on the patio and over wine she recounted the events of the day and the filming by the women. By the end of the recap, they had finished the bottle of wine and the pasta salad Nikki had prepared earlier for dinner and gotten Joe once more thoroughly aroused by the further exploits of his wife’s country life.

Joe indicated his desire for a quiet weekend with her and she was enthusiastically in support of that idea. He suggested an early to bed that night (not early to sleep, though), he would give her a massage in the morning, and then run over to the next city and visit that intimates boutique that Michele talks about so much. A dinner on the way back and more alone time. She loved the plan, and the massage especially caught her attention. So that night they cleaned up the kitchen together, quietly spent some time on the couch watching a movie and having some more wine and then to bed. Joe had been waiting for this part since he walked in the door tonight. And Nikki was well aware of that fact as she frequently brushed an arm or hand across his lap and she felt his arousal under his shorts.