Harry thought only momentarily about Juli’s comment to join them in the shower to hear about their day. “Ladies, there is no way that getting into the shower with you two is only going to take only a half hour. So can we take care of the horses quick so we aren’t rushed? And I am just guessing but I would bet that after you’ve been riding after your fun that the saddles will need some cleaning, too. But if we just wipe them off now, I can use saddle soap on them later.”

Nikki is smiling broadly. Juli notices and asks, “What has you so happy?”

“This day just keeps getting better and better. It started with the vibrating eggs while riding, which turned out great, then the horses themselves, then the dogs, and now Harry? Hell, yes. Let’s get the horses taken care of and go over to the new addition we put on. It has an extra-large shower installed.”

They wasted little time. Harry drove up to the barn and opened the doors and the women rode right inside. The saddlebags, saddles and bits were removed and the horses were rubbed down and brushed. Maybe too quickly but well enough for now. And Harry saw that he was right about the saddles. He took them and put them over supports and quickly began an initial cleaning each. Both showed evidence of what he believed to be female juices and what was probably dog cum judging by the amount spread across the surface. Later he would give each a good cleaning and rub in saddle conditioner.

It all took twenty minutes and Harry followed the women out of the barn and towards the path leading to the other property. The dogs were out ahead of the women once they knew where everyone was headed. Harry was enjoying the view and was sure he would be semi-hard by the time they got to the kennel building at Nikki and Joe’s and certainly hard by the time he was naked and getting into the shower with these two. The view he was enjoying would undoubtedly be playing back in his mind for a while after this. Nikki and Juli walking ahead of him, naked except for the cowboy boots they each wore. He doubted they even had socks on. Oh my, he thought, the sight of naked ass swaying back and forth. And the difference between them was fascinating, too. Nikki’s ass was tight and firm and moved with a decided sexy sway. Juli’s ass was fuller but to him very stunning with a little jiggle as she walked. Oh, yes, he was getting hard. And he was only looking.

Once they were getting close, Nikki moved ahead of Juli to rush up to the house and turned to say to Juli, “You and Harry go over to the apartment. I’ll go get the key to it.” Walking backwards, Harry got a good look at the swaying breast on Nikki and he smiled.