Settled into their new home was wonderful. There was so much to do around the house, the yard and the other building where Nikki just felt it was meant for something eventually. She busied herself everyday organizing and reorganizing parts of the house. Hanging pictures, running into town for rugs and accents to provide decorating touches. In the front yard she envisioned areas for flower, shrubs to accent the outside. This was a lot of hard work which she tackled in spurts to keep from wearing out too fast. In the back she worked on the patio to create a casual relaxed outdoor family room of sorts. She was proud of what she was getting accomplished and she loved creating this for them. In between she played with Butch who was never on a leash at home and free run of the inside and outside. Sometimes he would disappear over the rise and Nikki worried and went to check on him but he was always nearby sniffing out some wild creature. Then they would often play tag of sorts, chasing back and forth, one after the other and then changing, until finally she would fall to the ground and he would run to her and nuzzle her trying to lick her face and neck. Her standard dress became shorts, tee shirt (with or without a bra) and some sneakers for her feet. Sometimes just a sports bra which were becoming her favorite and she kept finding less substantial ones that made her feel sexy outside.

Joe came home after work and didn’t see them. Went through the house and didn’t see them. Decided to get comfortable into shorts and a tee shirt, made himself a drink, went out to the patio and spotted them on the rise in back chasing back and forth. He sat down to watch. Clearly getting tired, he saw Nikki fall to the ground wearing short shorts, sports bra and sneakers. Butch was on her in a flash, licking her, jumping off and attacking again, on and on, with lots of laughing and giggles he could hear even from the house. As he watched, he saw her drop her head back with arms spread wide. Butch looked at her and came to her and sprawled out alongside her. Both panting. She was casually and probably absent mindedly caressing the length of his body and nuzzling his head and snout. He took a sip of his drink and realized what he was seeing happening. Without plan or deliberation, all of which was interrupted by the death of his aunt and dealing with the houses, just living together in this place, at ease and peace, provide Nikki and Butch the perfect method of establishing their relationship in a more real way than if they used deliberate planning and controlling the events. He was ready to propose that Nikki take the next step with Butch.

Joe began grilling burgers and threw together a salad. The smoke caught Nikki’s attention and they ran down to the house. She was hot and sweaty and extremely sensual as she crossed the last few yard and launched herself into his arms. With her legs wrapped around him they necked for an extended time until there was decision, rip their clothes off or finish dinner, first. Ripping clothes off needs fuel so Nikki went in to get food for Butch while Joe finished theirs.