Not Momma's Milk Before Bedtime
I lay quietly in my bed in only panties and a loose t-shirt, listening for the sound of the TV downstairs. Dad always falls asleep Sunday nights in front of it. Mom said she’d come up to my room when he did and let me have some more time at her breast. Earlier in the afternoon, I broke down under some stress I’ve been feeling and she let me breast feed for a while. It was so wonderful that I almost fell asleep. Since then, all I’ve been able to think about is falling asleep with her nipple in my mouth feedingNot Momma's Milk Before Bedtime 2 me sweet, warm milk.

Suddenly I heard footsteps on the stairs. My door cracked open and she came in wearing a loose fitting button down shirt and skirt from church. All I could focus on was the outline of her breasts underneath it. She was already unbuttoning herself as she walked towards the bed.

“All ready for me, I see,” She said, smiling. I nodded at her eagerly. She sat on the edge of the bed and bore her breast to me. I quickly laid across her lap, falling into her cradling arms and felt the bulbous softness of her large boob press against my face. My mouth fell open and the soft nub of her nipple found its home between my lips. I began to suck and a generous stream of sweet milk flowed into my mouth. It was so calming and soothing. I loud slurping sound escaped, then I closed my lips around her nipple tighter, drawing the milk out with less suction and more squeeze. She rubbed my tummy softly, evoking the memory of her hand rubbing between my legs earlier. I began to ache for her to do it again. She watched me contentedly as I sucked and sighed. Her hand wandered all over my body, groping across my breasts, fingering my nipples, rubbing down my tummy, between my legs and up my thighs. I loved the way she touched me gently and slowly.

Her one breast began to give less milk, so I sat up to switch to the other one. She lifted my shirt off as I did. I also slid my panties off. When I lay across her lap the other direction I was completely naked. Her nipple found its way into my mouth as her arms surrounded me again.
Not Momma's Milk Before Bedtime 3
“You’re still my beautiful baby girl,” she whispered, stroking my hair as I pulled sweet milk from her full breast. It leaked a bit onto my cheek and I just let it. She let out a little sigh as I pulled her boob in my mouth harder. I could tell she liked it.

I almost didn’t notice when her fingers began to explore between the lips of my vagina. I was so enraptured by the sensuality of the experienced it all ran together. I became aware that her fingers were drenched with lube from inside me and that she was caressing my labia and stroking my clit alternatively. My legs hung open, wanting her to touch me. She tickled down to my butthole, then back up, making me moan softly. Then her finger was inside me up to the knuckle. I moaned again as she gently thrust into me, her hand slapping my clit softly.