Not Momma's Milk Makes It All Better
My blouse fell away from my body, allowing the warm air of the living room to fall on my back and shoulders, covered only by my bra. I watched as M0mma lifted her shirt and exposed her engorged breast, the pink nipple already trickling with dots of white milk. I wanted to take my bra off too, to feel skin against skin, but wasn’t sure how she’d feel about that. I slid down against her body nearly entranced by the sight of it beckoning me to nurse. Crumpling under the weight of the stress I felt, I fell into the warmth of her breasts, my mouth hanging open, her nipple filling it as I let my tongue caress her light colored areola. I’m sure some memory of suckling at her when I was a baby was buried in my subconscious. But, this felt like a first. The first sight of her voluptuous chest, the first touch of her soft warm nipple, the first taste of her sweet milk. I licked at her and let the initial flavor coat my tongue. She gasped slightly as I massaged her nipple with my tongue, then took it between my lips and sucked lightly, the milk coming out easily. I wanted her to enjoy it and didn’t think of it as a sexual thing at first.
Not Momma's Milk Makes It All Better 2
She cradled my head as I began to suck, her huge boob laying against half my face as she embraced me. It was so soothing, so comforting that I felt the anxiety begin to drain out of me, washed clean by the steady flow of sweet warm nourishment bubbling out of her large nipple into my mouth. The stream was strong and filled my mouth easily when I sucked even a little. I brought my hand up to my face, cupping my fingers around her boob and squeezing slightly to aid the outpouring as I nursed.

M0mma rubbed my back gently and said sweet things to me as she breast fed me. “There’s my sweet girl. Everything is going to be ok, you’ll see. You just drink as long as you need to.” She pulled the nursing blanket she used to swaddled my baby sister up over my shoulders and caressed me through it. I lay quietly, sucking the milk, enjoying the sweet flavor filling my mouth, then swallowing as I sucked more in. She breathed softly, with little jumps every now and then when I extended my tongue out a bit and licked around her boob. It felt so wonderful to be cradled like that by her. I wanted to return the favor by making her feel good in the process. I figured she liked having her nipple sucked.

A few minutes before, I was up in my room freaking the fuck out to the point of crying with all the school and work stress, along with our family drama. For about a week now I’ve been fixated on the idea that it would help me so much if she would let me nurse for a while. I’ve seen her breastfeeding my sister, watching her fall asleep and envying the closeness and comfort it produced. This afternoon, when I felt like I was having a panic attack I came down distraught and crying. She held me on the couch for a minute and was so sweet and gentle. As I lay against her chest, I noticed a little spot on her t-shirt at her nipple. Without even thinking, I let my mouth rest against it and sucked gently, pulling the small amount of milk through the fabric and onto my tongue. It felt so good I started to drift towards a dreamy stupor.