I’m imagining licking and sucking on your clit.. pulsating from light to medium and gradually getting more aggressive. My fingers are working inside of you. Two fingers fully extended and cupping your g-spot. I am pulling you into my face. My fingers are gyrating in a “come to me” motion against your g-spot. Once your juices are flowing and your body is responding with want, I slide inside you. My cock is hard as a rocket and have rubber bands at the base. You can see every pulse of my heart throb through my member. It is starting to turn a shade of red, but it has a long way to go before blood flow will be released into it. I alternate between fucking and eating you out until your body is trembling from the onslaught of orgasms.

In your state of bliss, you order me to turn around and assume the position. I eagerly do as I’m told without question or hesitation. You take the rubber band and pull it back making it even tighter. I know from experience you are not going to cut it without testing my fortitude. You release it and it snaps against the base of my cock with a snap. My body jumps a little and I take in the sting. You order me to back up closer and you pull out an fresh rubber band. This one you extend across my anus with one hand and extend it tight to snap my awaiting hole. My anus immediately dilates open in reactive reflex from the stinging sensation. You order me to masturbate to this treatment to train my mind to desire it. I will learn to enjoy it over time. I know I will not be able to cum until you’ve cut the rubber bands at the base of my cock… but the edging sensation of being almost about to cum keeps me eager to please. After each snap blow to my anus I arch my back exposing the base of my cock in hopes that you will pull and cut the rubber band so I can release.

You move to pull out a large butt plug from the nightstand. You lube it with a thin layer of icy hot and insert it into my wanting ass. You then whip my ass with a crop so that my ass bears down hard and squeezes the heat treatment for maximum effect. I beg for you to allow me to release. I will do anything.. please!!!
You order me to slide my head down the edge of the bed and keep my ass up so that I am resting on my shoulders with my cock staring me right in the face. Out of experience, I know to spread my ass open while you pull the heat treatment out of my ass hole. You grab the 12″ long, 3” girth dong with a handle and insert the tip. You lean forward, look me right in the eye and ask if I am ready to release. I know you are going to fuck my ass hard with the dong. I accept it. My cock is throbbing only inches from my face. I open my mouth fully and extend my tongue. You nod with appeasement and begin fucking my ass. Slowly at first and escalating to an all-out plunger fest with twisting and slapping. I am moaning and stroking my cock. I stretch my neck trying to reach the tip, but I’m unable to. You bury the dong as deep as It will go and then you push in the handle. It stays put while you grab a knife and hold it up to my cock. I’m stroking my cock hard but I still can’t release until you’ve cut the rubber band. My mouth is held wide to receive. My cock is turning purple and I am begging in my eyes and mouth wide open… pleeease cut it are my thoughts.