It was a hectic spring and summer. Our daughter Minn graduated from high school and was going off to college soon. I’m Anna and her dad is Tack. We’re in our upper 30’s. We’re both fit and trim, bike and go to the gym three or four times a week. He’s about six feet one and slim. Minn and I are about the same, five feet nine, normal slim, not skinny. Around the house I’m mom and he’s dad. When he and I are alone, he’s Tack and I’m Anna. Minn never uses our real names, except when introducing us, etc.

Minn will be 19 next spring, April. She’s our only c***d. Her dad and I outfitted her in new clothes. Found her a really good car and had it checked out. A couple of trips and everything is arranged at the college. Minn shined through school. She took part in just about everything she could and did very well. She made lots of friends and lots came by the house.

She didn’t get involved with boys much. We thought she might be gay but time pretty much dashed that possibility. After some mom and dad talk with her, just a little now and then so it wouldn’t be noticed and always with an upbeat, throwaway air to it, we figured out she was just shy with boys. She never talked about her sex education classes and would casually change the subject should it come up.

I suppose we were careful over the years to be sure she didn’t get pregnant or that kind of stuff. We thought we pretty much shut the door without realizing it and with the atmosphere in college these days she was seriously deficient. I started her on the pill about three months before graduation and she was embarrassed about that but she takes it like clockwork.

Tack and I talked about it and finally came up with something that might help but if not, it wouldn’t hurt other than being a bit embarrassing. It might give her a great story to tell down the road. Minn and I were out having lunch one day and sitting at an outside table, fairly private, and the time felt right.

“Minn,” I said, I know you’re pretty private about sex. That’s ok. For a long time I changed clothes in the bathroom or the closet. It took a long time for your dad to get me loose enough to just enjoy life and being together. We want you to be a little more prepared for college life and what you’ll run into. Your education is solid but you haven’t exercised your emotions much. Things can happen that you might not be able to cope with and we have a little time to help with that.

“So, your dad and I would like to make this offer. Think about it, ask questions, forgot about it and never mention it again, whatever you want. It’s private family business and it stays there. Your dad and I usually get together on Saturday or Sunday morning for some private time. About 7:30 or 8. If you would like to come over and visit with us you’ll see two completely necked people making out and enjoying ourselves. You can ask any questions and say anything you want and we’ll do our best to explain or show you.” I looked around for the waiter and said, “Let’s get a tea refill.” Minn’s eyes were moving around looking for anyone that had overheard.