While you are having lunch I quietly slip into your office. Crawling under your desk I wait patiently till you come back.

As I hear the door open I hold my breath, how will you react when you see me hiding. Hearing voices I realize you’re not alone, didn’t knew you had a meeting after lunch. FUCK, that wasn’t the plan.. I just wanted to surprise you but I can’t stand up now and walk away.

As you approach your desk you notice me, seeing the fear in my big eyes, you wink at me, a little smile appears on your face. You keep talking to the other person when you sit down. Pushing your chair near your desk I’m trapped now… Help, what should I do, you have your legs closed making it all unavailable for me to play with, so not fair, now I want you even more! I squirm quietly under your desk, come on now, don’t let me wait too long please. I let my hands rest on your knees just to let you know it’s you I want.

For several minutes nothing happens except the chatting I hear.. Am trying to follow the conversation but my mind isn’t helping. Blushing and breathing slowly trying to keep my heart rate normal while staring at your pants, waiting. Then you slowly widen your legs. My eyes widen and I feel a rush going threw my whole body.. Yes!!!

Understanding the hint, it’s my time to act!
My hands slowly slides up your legs, I wait a few seconds, feeling your muscles tense a little I run my hands over the inside of your legs up to your crotch. As I reach there I feel your cock twitch inside your pants.

I smile as I slowly open your zipper, my mouth waters at the thought of tasting your hard cock. Making my lips moisture I lean my head forward, smelling your aroma I shiver.. Ooh I just need to taste you now!!

Taking your cock out of your pants I feel it getting harder and harder in my hands. My tongue sneaks out of my mouth and touches the tip of your head.

Swirling my tongue around your head, teasing you I taste a little precum.. Hmm, delicious. My left hand squeeze your leg when I take you inside my mouth. I want to moan but I know I can’t, the other person will hear me. Bobbing my head up and down at a slow pace. Wanting more then this I still know I need to be careful.

I keep sucking you, my tongue playing with the length of your shaft as I go up, sucking harder when I go down. After a time I feel your hand on my head, pushing my down hard. My breathing almost stops as my nose is pushed against your body. I tremble a little but I trust you, I give my control over to you.

Your hand twirls around my hair, grabbing it tight you begin to move my head up and down at the pace you like.. Making me work hard my breath quicken..