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Sidharth was both bothered and excited. He had just landed back in Mumbai, after completing his studies from a university in the UK. He was on his way home, and he was going to meet his new stepmom for the first time.

Sidharth’s parents had divorced 4 years ago. His mother married again just two months later, but his dad remarried only three months ago.

His dad, Vijay, was now 48 and his mother, Sangeeta, was 45. They were a happy couple until Sangeeta was caught cheating on Vijay, with her boss’s son.

Sidharth spent most of the last 4 years in the UK. And when in Mumbai, he lived with his dad. He did visit his mother after she left home, but he could never forgive her.

“Welcome back, Sidharth! It is so nice to have finally met you.” his new stepmom said, helping him get his bags out of the car. She gave him a quick hug, with a pat on his back.

“Oh Hi Tanisha Aunty, I mean Mom. Err, Mummy… It is nice to meet you too.” Sidharth stuttered but tried staying calm. It wasn’t just that he did not know how to address her. He was also surprised to see her. His dad did tell him she is much younger, and only 34, but she looked like in her 20’s.

Tanisha looked very beautiful in a tight pink shirt, casually tucked into slim-fit dark blue jeans. Her black hair very well complimented her medium colored skin. She easily looked young enough to be Sidharth’s wife.

“Just call me Isha, okay. I know it will be difficult to start calling me ‘Mummy’ straightaway. We have talked very little over the phone, and I don’t want you to feel overburdened,” his stepmom, Tanisha, tried helping him relax, and settle down.

“Well, okay Isha… Thanks for that. I actually do not have any problem calling you ‘Mom’ or ‘Mummy’. I was just a little nervous meeting you for the first time,” Sidharth clarified.

“I completely understand Sidharth. I am going through the same phase myself. I think it is both funny and amazing that I have to take care of such a big baby boy. I am greatly looking forward to it, though,” Tanisha said, smiling, and offering Sidharth a glass of cold water.

Vijay was happy to see his new wife and son, bonding well. He very well knew Sidharth was not fully convinced with his decision to remarry. But he was confident Tanisha will make things better.

“I actually have to get a few things ready for my Delhi trip, this weekend. Why don’t you two spend time together, and get to know each other? Maybe, also order food online?” Vijay said as Tanisha gave him a thumbs up.

Sidharth, too, was fine with the idea. As soon as Vijay left, Tanisha and Sidharth started talking. Tanisha had so many questions for Sidharth, and also had a lot to tell him about her life so far.